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Remote work brings back her dream to tryout for the US Olympic Archery team

Liz Berge is an accomplished archer, competing for a spot on 2016 US Olympic Archery.

From spending more time with her husband to traveling, getting a dog and fulfilling her dream of making the Olympic archery team one day, remote work is opening up new doors for Liz and the future where anything is possible.

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A world traveler now works remotely for Grok Nation, created by Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory.

“I come from a family of explorers, entrepreneurs, and connectors. I am a global citizen and an entrepreneurial thinker who loves to laugh and indulge in good food.

I’ve lived in the UK, US, and France and traveled throughout Europe, Kenya, China, Peru, Mexico, Canada, and the US.

I joined the Pangian community and now I just landed this exciting remote position with Grok Nation.

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How She Biked Her Way Into a Dream Remote Job

“Jasmine Reese began her journey into self-discovery, connection, & the remote lifestyle in 2013. Her journey started on a bicycle, with her dog, and no more than $50 to her name.

Setting off on another bicycling journey in 2016, Jasmine traveled all across Canada & down the east coast of the US. Her intentions were clear– “I wanted to join a company as a remote worker.”

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Brilliant Graphic Designer Now Working Remotely Thanks to Pangian

“I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in September 2016 and worked for several companies in Graphic Design during my studies.

I’ve decided to work on my own terms and I’ve been traveling and working for several brands and companies ever since.”

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A lifelong animal lover now cares for rescue pets while working remotely

Pearl has been pursuing her passion for caring for rescue animals while working remotely for over 10 years.

After joining Pangian and landing a brand new remote job she is embarking on a new chapter in her life.

Supported by a loving family of 2 dogs, 3 cats, a fish, and a husband, Pearl is ready to explore the world…

See how she did it

He traveled the world and now works remotely from the coast of Brazil

“I love helping people. I was born in Brazil and didn’t see the world until I finished my military service. But I wanted more from life.

Working aboard a cruise ship I learned about respecting the differences between humans and that made me a better person. Today I work remotely and help people as a customer service representative.

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What Our Community is Saying

“Pangians are cut from a different fabric. They’re self-starting, inspiring, and determined people who work hard for what they want. It’s always so great to see how Pangians interact on different platforms. The Pangian culture is very unique…and changing the way we find remote jobs!”

Stevie Ramirez Digital Marketing Specialist

“ It feels surreal to have found such an amazing community. Pangians are not confined by a space, city or even nation. Their lifestyle showcase how they true global citizens who are driven, caring and inspirational. Pangian is the future. And future is here.”

Catalina Rodriguez Marketing Manager

“I love helping people and traveled for 9 months volunteering around the world. Now, back to Brazil, thanks to Pangian I found a great full-time Customer Service Representative role working remotely, which allows me to be fully location independent.”

Anderson Marques Customer Service Representative

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"“I breathe so much easier every time I know this community exists. We shared our open position and hired the Pangian candidate! The candidate was the perfect match for our global brand.”"

Vanessa Frontiero Operations & Growth Manager

“We were struggling to find a freelance writer for Happy Scribe. But after only a few days on Pangian, we’ve received 150+ candidates and ended up hiring an A-Class writer. I would strongly recommend Pangian for the quality of their candidates and the smooth process.”

André Bastié Founder & CEO

“I found really amazing people. I posted 3 openings, and we’ve hired 1 already and 4 are under review. Thank you for creating such a place, the candidates are incredibly intelligent, diverse, open-minded with great skills.”

Marta Kondryn HR Disrupt

“The hiring process through Pangian has been seamless! Their team let me know that my first job posting generated over 600 job posting clicks within the first day and invited 3 candidates to our final interview process. Pangian remote network is quickly becoming my go-to for high-quality, diverse talent when hiring.”

Sunni VonMutius Business Manager
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