2.2 Million Subscribers – Travel and Make Videos with Nas Daily

2.2 Million Subscribers – Travel and Make 1-minute Videos with Nas Daily

Have you met Nas? Let’s recap. Only 25-years old. Grew up in Israel. Learned English. Got accepted to Harvard. Landed a six-figure job in NYC. Quit his job to travel the world and make 1-minute videos. Raised money for his $5-million valuation video app. Amassed over 2.2 million followers on Facebook. Got his own Facebook Video Channel.

And now he invites you to travel with him so he can teach you how to make videos.


Location: Ecuador Time: November 1st – 6th. Who: 5-10 people   Hard to believe? Watch Nas Daily video and follow application rules below. Good luck! Let us know if you are in!  

How to apply to travel and make videos by Nas Daily (Full Post):

“Anyone down for a short vacation? A lot of people have been requesting this lately, so I’m starting the first ever NAS DAILY BOOTCAMP. Warning: This will be different, and -might- be fun, but you will have to play catch up for the whole 5 days. I will wait for no one. Video comes first, everything else comes after. I will only be friendly after we’re done with the video. You are responsible for all of your travel and I want $0 of your money (others charge for this, which is ridiculous). Send me a VERY SHORT paragraph about yourself and why you would want to do this to nas@nasdaily.com (if you message this page, your message will be lost since there are too many). Preference goes to those that want to learn how to make videos / start something similar. There are no country / nationality preferences. I wont be able to respond to all people, so if you don’t get a response from me, then I’m sorry! 🙁 If selected, you should understand the costs associated with this. Ecuador is very cheap, the flights will be the biggest problem. If you can figure that out, then we’re good! OKAY, THAT’S IT! HOPE YOU LIKE THIS. IF YOU DON’T THEN TAG FRIENDS THAT WOULD! LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram!”  

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