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Going remote can be challenging, so we’ve created an entire Pangian Remote Academy to help you succeed.
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One-On-One Remote Work Help

1-1 Personalized Resume/CV Audit + Revamp

Submitting resumes/CVs and not hearing back?  Need a modern, up-to-date resume to fully showcase your skills and experience? If this is you, this straight to the point video audit by Mag Boron, a remote work expert and hiring manager for startups and Fortune 500, will change how you write your resume forever.

This revamp is packed with step by step instructions of changes you need to make in order to stand out among hundreds of candidates applying for the same remote job. Catch the attention of the hiring manager with a powerful resume!

Remote Work Webinars

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Remote Resume/CV Webinar

Are you submitting resumes/CVs and not hearing back?

If this is you, watch Mag as she reviews a real resume that was tossed into the “rejected’ pile and transforms it into an eye-catching gem.

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Remote Cover Letter Webinar

Need to catch the attention of the hiring manager with a personalized
cover letter, but don’t know how?

If this is you, watch Mag as she debunks remote cover letter myths, while reviewing a real cover letter and transforms it into one-of-a-kind value proposition that will make you stand out among hundreds of candidates.

Free Remote Work Resources

Pangian Remote Work Livestreams

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5 Remote Cover Letter Changes That Will Get You Noticed!
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3 tips how to get started working remotely when you have no experience.

Remote Work Lifestyle

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Remote Work (Must Read)

How She Biked Her Way Into a Dream Remote Job

“Jasmine Reese began her journey into self-discovery, connection, & the remote lifestyle in 2013. Her journey started on a bicycle, with her dog, and no more than $50 to her name.

Setting off on another bicycling journey in 2016, Jasmine traveled all across Canada & down the east coast of the US. Her intentions were clear– “I wanted to join a company as a remote worker.”

Brilliant Graphic Designer Now Working Remotely Thanks to Pangian

“I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in September 2016 and worked for several companies in Graphic Design during my studies.

I’ve decided to work on my own terms and I’ve been traveling and working for several brands and companies ever since.”

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