The 10 Best Places For Digital Nomads and Working Remotely

The 10 Best Places for Digital Nomads and Working Remotely


By Summer Paulus

Ah, the freedom of remote work and location independence! It’s finally here.

Whether you’ve just landed your dream remote job or have been working remotely for a while, the time comes when you’re ready for a new adventure!

So if you are on your way to explore the world or ready to find the perfect spot for your new digital or nomadic work life, we got you covered with input from our Pangian community of the top 10 locations to work remotely for digital nomads.

Just imagine, you could successfully be working from your laptop in one of these amazing cities!

#1 – Ubud, Bali

The Vibe: A city with balmy temperatures, swaying coconut palms, rice terraces, cascading waterfalls and historical temples, Bali has great networking opportunities within the city of Ubud. With cheap living, amazing surfing conditions and, not to mention, the beautiful islands, one can work remotely in Ubud, Bali without too many financial worries.

Internet: 512kbps – 2mbps, 4G, and fiber optics

Average Cost of Living Per Month: $650 – $1,700

Digital nomad community: Ubud, Bali is “ground zero” for digital nomads, full of coworking spaces and sprawling with quaint coffee shops and the “spiritually healthy” activities, such as yoga and meditation.

#2 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Vibe: A “hot spot” for digital nomads, Chiang Mai is a tropical savanna climate. With a number of museums, national parks, surreal waterfalls and transportation options of railways and busses to get around with ease, Chaing Mai is an ideal location for any digital nomad to reside in.

Internet: 15 Mbps & free wifi

Average Cost of Living Per Month: $600 – $1,200

Digital nomad community: With a well-established digital nomad community and easy access to the internet and free wifi, it is a great location to begin working remotely.

“Chiang Mai had heaps of coworking spaces and I learned how to make websites there!”Brian Wong from Walks with Pen

#3 – Kraków, Poland

The Vibe: Situated in a valley near the Carpathian Mountains, most of the city of Kraków is laid out in a gigantic circle and remains mainly untouched from the destruction of World War II. Kraków contains a lot of theaters, art galleries, and a few beautiful castles to boot and is just a train or flight away to many Europan hotspots.

Average Cost of Living Per Month: $526 – $1,736

Internet: 21 Mbps & free wifi

Digital nomad community: With abundant areas to hookup to free wifi, with coworking spaces that offer free services, like yoga or events to network in. Kraków is a vibrant city for digital nomads to network in.

#4 – Berlin, Germany

The Vibe: The capital of Germany, Berlin is a modern city of rich history. Being seated near the center of Europe, Berlin is a great “spring-board” to visit numerous other countries with a simple train ride.

Average Cost of Living Per Month: $860 – $2,914

Internet: 23 Mbps & free wifi

Digital nomad community: There are plenty of areas to connect with other digital nomads, such as fireside chats, coworking studios and networking events to help your business explode. With the ease of transportation services like the S or U-bahn, buses, taxis, and trams, a digital nomad can skip around with plenty of modern, stylish cafe’s offering free wifi.

#5 – Budapest, Hungary

The Vibe: The city of Budapest (also known as the Paris of the East) is sprinkled with “sky-shy” skyscrapers, delicious street food, quaint bookshops, musical theatre, scenic parks, and the famous thermal baths. Did I mention that Budapest is the “birthplace” of soda?

Average Cost of Living Per Month: $570 – $1,950

Internet: 30 Mbps & free wifi

Digital nomad community: Mingling in won’t be difficult here, for the digital nomad will have access to phenomenal internet speed, coworking spaces galore and vibrant nightlife to hookup with your fellow nomad.

“I love Prague and Budapest because Eastern Europe is the perfect mix of culture/quietness/amazing food and wines and quiet people.”Chica Ce

#6 – Lisbon, Portugal

The Vibe: Lisbon, Portugal is sunny for most of the year and is a “booming” digital nomad hot spot. With white, sandy beaches overlooked by gorgeous, sprawling cities, Lisbon is the destination to go to for any digital nomad that wishes for beautiful weather!

Average Cost of Living Per Month: $690 – $2,207

Internet: 16 Mbps & free wifi

Digital nomad community: Lisbon is fast becoming a mecca for digital nomads, with plenty of cafes and coworking space with wifi access, lots of digital nomad meetups throughout the week, it is pretty easy to set-up your remote business and make lots of new friends in Lisbon.

“Great remote workers scene! A lot of expats, startup and entrepreneurs that you’ll have no troubles making plans, meeting people or looking for help.”Emily Weichel

“I loved Bali, Budapest, and Krakow Poland but my fav was definitely Lisbon, Portugal. The city is absolutely amazing, surrounded by water, beaches and mountains only a train ride away. The architecture and vibe of Lisbon is fascinating and the digital nomad community super inviting, with multiple meetups through out the week!”Mag Boron


#7 – Medellin, Colombia

The Vibe: Medellin, Colombia is a metropolis nestled within a tropical paradise of rain forest, sweeping, green hills and towering mountains. Booming with opportunities for remote workers with free wifi and digital hot spots all over the city, Medellin is a wonderful city to settle in for your nomadic life.

Average Cost of Living Per Month: $369 – $1,282

Internet: 5 – 300 mbps & free wifi

Digital nomad community: With weekly events held for the digital nomad to network with other “creative” minds, Medellin is the perfect location to collaborate with your fellow, digital nomad. Either you wish to seat yourself in a coffee cafe, or you’d rather be within a coworking space, this location has a solid availability of internet connection between 5-100mbps.

“Medellín Is a great place for remote workers to try, it has a little of everything: trendy and safe neighborhoods, good reliable Internet, plenty of wifi cafes and restaurants, an burgeoning vegan and plant-based scene, and lots of fun day trips from the location. Locals are friendly and the city is very affordable without sacrificing style or comfort.”Maria Miranda

“Medellin is a great city to work while traveling. The neighborhood of Poblado and it’s surrounding areas are full of digital nomads from all over the world. There is a lot of great places to visit on the weekends nearby or even a small flight away.”Julie Hutchison

#8 – Belgrade, Serbia

The Vibe: Belgrade is a city rich in historical treasures (if temples and old churches are your thing), including plenty of cheap coffee shops to nestle yourself into and work on your business or blog. If your a “night owl,” Belgrade has plenty of locations to party it up or, if you wish to “spread your wings,” you can easily fly to other European locations.

Average Cost of Living Per Month: $513 – $1,721

Internet: 101 – 250 Mbps & free wifi

Digital nomad community: One of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Europe with beautiful water views, plenty of coworking spaces and meetups available for the digital nomad.

#9 – Prague, The Czech Republic

What’s cool: Prague is a city with medieval, gothic architecture and is situated on the Vitava river. Besides the romantic architecture, historical museums and various castles to see, Prague offers lightning fast internet that will make any digital nomad happy with plenty of beer gardens to run to after a productive day at work.

Average Cost of Living Per Month: $622 – $2,107

Internet: 17 Mbps & free wifi

Digital nomad community: Again, there are so many cafes to seat yourself down and begin working remotely. Plus, there’s a lot of conferences to attend and events to network with your fellow, remote worker.

“Such a beautiful piece of Europe. Nerd-out at the Kafka Museum and Café Louvre! You’ll feel like such a part of literary history that you’ll be ordering your monocle on amazon.”Emily Weichel

“I visited Prague and it felt like a place that was a bit overrun by tourists, but if you found a solid friend group would be amazing – the prices are awesome and everyone was friendly.”Celine Tolbert

#10 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Appeal: Buenos Aires has a tepid climate with wintry landscapes in the colder months of June to August. With colorful boardwalks along Uruguay, ease of transportation of “The Subtle” subway systems and beautiful rose gardens, Buenos Aires is a blend of European against the South American culture.

Average Cost of Living Per Month: $468 – $1,624

Internet: 8 Mbps & free wifi

Digital nomad community: Buenos Aires is a great city for remote working, due to the number of wifi spaces in quaint restaurants to re-charge in the midst of a digital workday! Overall, Buenos Aires is a “night-life” city that comes vibrantly to life at dark, so if you’re a night person, you’d love Buenos Aires. Plus, there is no better place to tango 🙂

“Buenos Aires is a city unlike any other with so many distinct neighborhoods and places to walk and see. When I lived in Palermo, I was close to food, nightlife, shopping, museums and the best coworking spaces.”Michael Headley

“Buenos Aires is such a vibrant city with a widespread of options for any remote-worker who craves for experiences outside of their daily work routines, with AHH-mazing options that include museums, parks, food, bars and nightlife. This city has experienced a very wanted increase in coworking spaces, tailored for your remote work needs, making this city a very interesting combination that only a remote worker would fully enjoy.”Joely Lara

Have an insight about locations for digital nomads or remote workers? Add your comment below and we may feature you as we update this list!

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