Clear Cache and Cookies to solve erors and issues

If you are experiencing errors, blank page, or other issues, here are a few steps to help you get back up quickly.

  1. Clear your browser cache
    1. Please use this Instructions to clear Cache
      1. If cache alone don’t solve the issue, please use the same instructions to clear your browser’s cookies.   
    2. Close and reopen your browser and try again
  2. Try using a different browser or use incognito/private browser
    1. Please use this instructions to use private/incognito browser windows

If the problem persist please record a quick screen cast (video) showing the issue and send it to us. Make sure to start the video few steps before the issue so that our support team can see the problem and work on a solution.  

  • You can use this tool for the video recording. 

Submit the link to the video HERE

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