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Full Stack Web Developer – WordPress | Pangian | Remote | Worldwide |

Position Details
Type: Internship
Pay: Paid Internship
Position Title: Full Stack WordPress Web Developer | PHP |
Location: Orlando, FL, USA or REMOTE

Pangian is the citizen of the digital supercontinent. A citizen that takes pride in becoming a remote individual who values freedom, flexibility, diversity, work-life balance, and is ready to change the world!

We are a dynamic global team of diverse dreamers, darers, and go-getters with the mission to make remote work the new standard worldwide with the purpose of giving millions of people the freedom and flexibility they want and deserve to go out to the world, explore it, and follow their dreams and passions.

We are democratizing global opportunities by connecting people with remote opportunities around worldwide.

We growing FAST! We have more than 35,000 members in 57 countries! This makes us one of the fastest growing companies in the remote work space! And we are proud of our community.

We empower people to make changes in their life that will give them the freedom to accomplish great things. We do this by giving our community access to global remote opportunities. But that is not enough! So, we also help employers worldwide see the value of adopting a remote workforce and how it can positively impact their business. We do this by making hiring easy, culturally matching top employers with top remote millennial talent, drastically reducing cost and time to hire, while increasing long-term commitment, engagement, and job satisfaction.

We are a remote first company! So that means that you can work from any village, city, county, state, or country you want to be in! Heck! You can even work from space if you want to! NASA does it all the time, and Elon have a Tesla there so feel free to join them!

But, if you of are a local person and love hanging out with awesome peeps, you can come work with us from one of our awesome coworking spaces (with cool snacks and awesome kitchen) in beautiful Downtown Orlando.


  • We love diversity
  • Do the right thing even when no one is looking (Ethics) is paramount to us
  • Passion is key to work with us
  • Creativity is what makes us different
  • Spirit of adventure is what we live for
  • Open-mindedness is critical to make the world a better place
  • Good humor makes the world a better place
  • Courage allows us to explore the unknown and beyond
  • Perseverance is what keeps us going every day

We are seeking self-starter, self-learner, talented, energetic, and creative Full Stack WordPress Web Developer with a good eye for design to help us take our website to the next level. If you have what it takes, and want to be part of a global team making a change, then here is your chance!


  • A geek at heart that loves WordPress, web development, and databases
  • Self-learner and a self-starter with outstanding research, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Resourceful
  • Creative with a good eye for design
  • Super Organized and Detail Oriented
  • Prioritization guru


  • Build & Maintain our website
  • Work on WordPress themes and plugins, including customization of PHP code.
  • Work on WordPress databases


  • Have a good eye for design
  • PHP, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, SQL, MySQL, Git, GitHub, APIs
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • WordPress Plugins Development


  • Knowledge of Web Scraping (web data extraction) is a plus but not required
  • Knowledge of jQuery is a plus, but not required
  • APPLICATION PROCESS – You must complete all these steps to be considered for the position
  • Complete the following steps: (REQUIRED)
    • Record a short introduction video (about 2 minutes long), post it and upload it anywhere you want and share the link with us. On the video, tell us about the following things:
      • Let us know who you are and share something about yourself
      • Tell us why you want to join Pangian
      • Why are you the most awesome person for this role
      • Say whatever else your heart desires: interests, hobbies, etc…
    • Have your resume ready in Google Docs format.

Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above fill the online application using the apply button below.