Chiropractor Couple Quits Their Jobs for Luxury Life in Costa Rica

Why 2 Successful Chiropractors Escaped to Costa Rica and Don’t Want to Come Back

Burned out by the life of constant chase, this couple of chiropractors dropped their private practice and 12-hour work days to live the dream.

With breathtaking mountains, crystal clear waters, slow pace of living, and $6 dollar monthly scooter gas expense, they found their world of luxury in Costa Rica.

Rob and Nadine Pisani were like many of us. In a diligent pursuit of economic success and the almighty dollar driving the 12-hour days, they cultivated stressful evenings and dreaded mornings.

From the outside living the American Dream: beautiful home, cars, successful business.

On the inside, the overweight and immobile existence, filled with sleepless nights, junk food and a dream of retirement.

So what do you do when you can’t enjoy life? You buy stuff.

The actual happy life forgone and replaced with quick fix alternatives. I know what you might think. The big screen TV, the shiny car?

Well, think big! How about a 250-gallon saltwater aquarium to make you happy?

When you have that new wonder-piece at home, it’s hard to believe Dalai Lama when he says that possessions cause suffering. It’s easier, when you spend your only day off, hanging upside down, scraping the fish tank of algae for 8 hours.

Few weekends of fish tank labor, years of 12 hours days followed by exhaustion driven week in a hospital, was what it took to flicker the light bulb moment.

The change was scary but taking a chance on a happy life turned out to be less risky that surrounding to geriatrics at 37.

Costa Rica was a no-brainer. Breathtaking landscapes, all year summer and low cost of living. What’s not to love?

Chilling at their open concept, grand Costa Rica villa, at the whopping $150 per month (hello house sitting!), they’ve begun creating life that most could only dream off.

Replacing obesity and lethargy with fitness coach-like shape came as an extra bonus.

No diets, gyms or expensive supplements. Just a good ol’ fashion healthy lifestyle.

You know, the one where you actually move around and the only food processing happens when you finally peel that juicy orange.

“When I lived in the States, I would never want to get out of bed. I would hit the snooze button, I would think of all the things I had to do that day and I would want to go back to sleep. Now, I like to be able to get up in the morning, look at her and say: we don’t have any plans, what do you want to do? Let’s go snorkeling” says Rob.

Well, snorkeling it is!

Or biking through Costa Rica mountain ranges, or sipping a margarita on the beach while watching the sunset…

It doesn’t take billions to enjoy the best things in life.

The things you are dreaming of, the billionaire lifestyle costs less than you think…

Sure the stuff that’s clogging your garage, attic, and basement may be pricey but is that junk really making you happy or miserable?

The 250-gallon fish tank replaced with the ocean feels right.

Pure, natural, bigger that they could have ever bought with money and no maintenance required. Just come and enjoy.

Better than a billionaire.

Today the goal is to try not to work as hard as they can.

But the life of real luxury is not about sitting around and doing nothing.

That’s only a desire of an overworked, overwhelmed, and a drained soul.

Time to recover proved to open up space for the real goals and dreams.

Writing a book about their zero hour work weeks, playing guitar and jumping the waves.

It’s like you are a child again, with all the ideas and bounds of energy to actually do something about it.

No more building mansions.

“We learned our lesson. We had a gigantic house and never went into half of it. We know how to live with less and I can’t ever imagine going back and living the way [we] did” says Nadine.

In the world when people think it’s normal to be unhappy, they prove that living with less is actually living more.

Editor’s Note: Nadine and Rob are currently enjoying the beach life in Costa Rica. To read the full story, check out Nadine’s book: Happier Than a Billionaire: Quitting My Job, Moving to Costa Rica, and Living the Zero Hour Work Week

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