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Fabulous AirBnB experience in St.Moritz, Switzerland

LikeFB [mashshare shares="false" buttons="true" align="left"] When planning you dream vacation or, in my case, travel around the world, there are plenty of options for booking exciting accommodations. From popular travel search engines to individual hotel sites, you will find a large offering for your vacation lodging. However, if you are looking for a unique, one of a kind opportunity at a great price, the could be the perfect option. Thus, when the Switzerland travel led us to St.Moritz, one of the world’s most famous and most expensive holiday resorts and the origin point of Glacier Express, the Airbnb was a natural choice. St.Moritz Lake View St.Moritz is everything you dream off. Nestled in the middle of Swiss Alps, featuring dream like scenery of mountains, lakes, rivers and crisp mountain air. Posh, chic, elegant and exclusive. When visiting St. Moritz, you want to take it all in and make it an experience to remember. I found that perfect package in Elegant and Comfortable Studio 127 at Airbnb. St.Moritz river lake Taking our journey from St.Gallen on the scenic train ride through Alpine tunnels and bridges, we arrived in St.Mortiz and quickly hopped on the local bus to Champfer. Only few minutes ride and we found ourselves in a mountain paradise. St.Moritz mountain snow The evergreens and red pelargoniums lining the entry to the resort, we checked in and were led to our studio. St.Moritz Airbnb outside The posh mountain-cabin decor instantly invoked a felling of comfort. The room was open and airy, with earthy, wooden furnishings, large bed with crisp white linens and feather-light comforters for those chilly mountain nights. St.Moritz room 1 St.Moritz bathroom The studio featured a comfy sofa for an afternoon reading and a large desk for travel writing. The windows were lining the wall with a balcony opening up to the views of the Alps and the path through the mountain trails to the city. We just walked in. Yet, we instantly knew we did not want to leave…ever… St.Moritz desk St.Mortiz couch After a long train ride we were starting to feel cravings for a little something. We first stopped for a quick salad with a view in the cozy restaurant upstairs. St.Moritz airbnb dinner A casual stroll through the mountain path, we ventured further for Swiss delights. Only 5 min walk to the cutest small town ever, we settled for a dinner at Giardino Mountain restaurant. St.Moritz Giardino Mountain Restaurant Returning, we stopped by at the lounge room to enjoy warm sun peeking through the top to bottom windows, plush couches, the fireplace and the piano ready for the afternoon tune. Quiet and relaxing moments we relished. St.Moritz lounge view large St.Moritz lounge view Quick afternoon nap with open windows letting the freshness of the Alpine air in and we were ready for a posh relaxation. Is there anything more perfect that a full day of mountain cool air, walking and hiking to be now wrapped in a comfy late afternoon of hot sauna, Jacuzzi and swimming? St.Moritz pool St.Moritz sauna St.Moritz steam room We finished the evening with the cocktail and dreaming of staying longer…..or forever.
This fabulous AirBnB stay is located in the Hotel Europa and was possible thanks to Pietro at “Elegant and Comfortable Studio 127“. To book the accommodations for your St.Moritz stay, contact Pietro directly at Pietro – Airbnb.
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9 thoughts on “Fabulous AirBnB experience in St.Moritz, Switzerland

  1. Wow! Always tought that airbnb was for some cheap apt. Definitely browsing now…great pics btw!

    1. Thanks Laura! Yes, you can truly find anything and everything on Airbnb, from a tiny apt to a luxurious villas. Good luck and enjoy your travel.

  2. This is so beautiful! I went there was an it felt like a dream the entire stay…. I would love to go back since it was the best experience of my life! When I do I will check the beautiful airB&B. Thanks for the recomendation!

  3. I like it. I stayed in airbnb in Italy and it was horrible, so gave up on them. But this is really nice. It’s good to know that there are great places as well.

    1. Hi Alicia. Yes, definitely give them another try. We stayed in 5 or 6 airbnbs around Europe and so far loved it.

  4. Great airbnb. St.Moritz is so expensive and I had no idea that they offer airbmb there. We will be visiting again in Ocotober so will check it out.

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