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Brilliant Graphic Designer Now Working Remotely Thanks to Pangian

Brilliant Graphic Designer Now Working Remotely Thanks to Pangian


Pangian Remote Network is all about our global community of remote workers, travelers, and digital nomads who are looking to make connections, develop their careers, and find high-quality remote & travel opportunities.

Most importantly, our Pangian borderless digital nation is all about supporting and uplifting one another in our journeys. 

Today we are celebrating Gina Amato and her remote success story. Congratulations!

Gina recently was hired for a 100% remote graphic designer job at Bitfinex— an opening she found in our Pangian Community.

Gina is from Germany, has lived in Asia, and even spent some time in Italy. She shows the true Pangian spirit in everything she does and has been in our community since the very beginning.

She even knows 4 languages: German, English, Italian, Thai.

A true global citizen!

Here is Gina’s inspiring story:

“I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in September 2016 and worked for several companies in Graphic Design during my studies.

I’ve decided to work on my own terms and I’ve been traveling and working for several brands and companies ever since.

My skills are based on corporate identity, editorial design, web design, social media marketing and beyond.

I am well-versed in different areas of design and have successfully designed solutions for print media and websites. You could say I have excellent design sense and judgement.

I have knowledge of Mac OSX & top designing software applications, like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and Lightroom.

I work hard, I’m eager to learn, and I have a positive attitude, especially while working remotely.

I found my base in Thailand a while ago and worked remotely and offline for several companies.

I have lived in Asia for the past 3 years with my savings. After I met some entrepreneurs working online I started to explore a different world… 


I have tried a lot to get into the remote world but I had so many declines that I started my own thing for a while. Even then, I still applied for at least one job a week.

After a motorbike accident I had to stay in bed for 17 weeks, so I started to focus on building my own agency EASTWEST DESIGN and had my very first big campaign after I started walking again.


Gina Amato in creative mode.

Gina Amato’s design.


I eventually didn’t want to fight for customers 7 days a week so I thought about getting a remote job again just to have safe income and more freedom.

I always wanted to work with a company, have a team, learn new things and get inspired by other teammates.

That’s when I saw the job opening for a Junior Graphic Designer at Bitfinex on Pangian and applied.

During application process, I was asked a lot of questions and I made sure to add some personal touches to my answers.

Then I sat down and started researching the company.

Three weeks later, I got an email saying that I was invited for an interview.

Right away I went to the Pangian Chat for advice and I got very helpful interview tips I got very helpful interview tips from everyone.

Well happy me, a few days later I got the job! Thanks to this wonderful group for all the support!”




What is your top piece of advice for people looking to work remotely?

“Always be yourself, especially with your cover letters.

It sounds easy but you have to show personality in your CV and in the interview once you get it.

I have written so many CVs and I was really close to giving up and going back to the 9-5 life.

But thanks to this wonderful community, after 6+ months of writing applications and lots of headaches, I finally got a remote job for a really cool startup.

Never give up!”


About Stevie Ramirez

World traveler. Rock climber. Digital nomad. Friend. Radical honesty, mindfulness, & passion guide my life. Let’s change the world of remote work!  Learn more about Stevie

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  1. Wow! Gina! Truly inspiring story! I love your passion for design and remote lifestyle. Pictures are amazing. Let’s meet up somewhere in the world!

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