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How to Get a Remote Job: Tips From the World’s Largest Digital Nomad Community

How to Get a Remote Job: Tips From the World's Largest Digital Nomad Community


It’s no mystery that getting a remote job is pretty tough. With the industry growing faster than a fungus in the wild, it can be difficult to keep up with the other candidates who may be applying for your dream job.

So how do you get a leg up over other candidates that are competing for your dream job? How can you prepare more than the average applicant?

Advice from Pangians working remotely

Our Pangian facebook community members have a lot to say about this. Here are some quotes our valued members have offered based on their own experience in the remote workforce.

“Learn every day. Every single day learn something new. Start small. Don’t expect to earn plenty of money right away. Don’t ignore internships.”
-Alexandra Iva

“Ask enough questions and do enough research to really understand your potential employer’s problems, then focus on how you can help solve them.”
–Denny Johnson, Danny Johnson at Pangian  &  Danny’s Blog Tiny Towable

“If you’re new and don’t feel “so good” yet, always state that you are eager to learn, work with team members and you can be trained. And then close offering to show what you can do.”
–Maria Gabriela Miranda, Maria Gabriela at Pangian & Miranda Wanders on Insta

“Keep spreading the wings (make connections), you’ll certainly land a gig.”
–Le Grandé Excavator

“In my experience more successful digital nomads are:

1. People who are really professionals in what they do, which means they are in demand
2. People who are good at selling themself, even if they have not much experience

This observation lead me to conclusion – these two skills are essential in achieving any goal. Loving what you do & always learning + the ability to tell to the world about yourself = success”
–Daria Silantyeva

What Else You Can Do

My advice? Applying for a job IS a job. You cannot expect to hear anything back from an employer if you are only applying for one job a month.

Increase your odds of getting an interview by simply applying to as many jobs you genuinely qualify for.

If you’re the type of person who applies for one job at a time and waits to hear back before applying somewhere else, consider switching out of the remote workforce, because that input is truly not enough to quantify results.

Customize your cover letter and resume to display your results from previous positions and cultural alignment with the company you’re looking into. For example, the company Packlane values employees who make a difference in their community during their time off the clock. After researching this, it would be a great idea to include any extracurricular involvement you’ve had in your community. According to my own experience, I would put something like this in my resume:

“Co-Produced monthly events in Orlando centered around healthy nightlife habits, social connectivity, and embracing diversity with an average of 400 attendees per event”

This covers both of the points I mentioned earlier about being a culture fit at the company and also displaying results. If every line of your resume is a hard-hitter like the example I gave above, you’re going to stand out to any employer.

So there you have it. A quick cheat-sheet on what you can be doing differently in order to set yourself up better for getting a remote job. Got any advice of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

Want more tips? Join our remote community here.

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