The job that pays you to travel

The Job That Pays You to Travel

If you are like me, suffering from a serious case of the travel bug, you’ve probably spent endless hours on Instagram, hanging out in travel communities or, let’s be honest, skipping morning lattes and saving every single penny to book that next flight.

Many people dream of traveling the world but the dream sounds too expensive and impossible to reach. I embarked on that journey myself, but after 600 days of travel, 54 countries and 6 continents, I knew there must be a better way.

That’s when I entered the world of remote and travel jobs. I created my first remote and travel job community sharing jobs with thousands of people around the world and began working with progressive and forward-thinking employers worldwide who share great opportunities daily.

So, if you are sitting at the airport ready to board again or counting hours at the unfulfilling office job, I am here to deliver the great news.

You can now travel and get paid for it.

Imagine, if you could hop on the bike and help people to explore the vineyards of Tuscany, island-hop Croatia or hike glaciers in Alaska. All that part of your job.

Well, almost 4 decades ago, Tom Hale had the same dream. Literally.

“Living in Las Vegas, Nevada working as an environmental planner at about 2 in the morning, I woke up in the middle of the night with this idea that I wanted to take people on bike trips.” recalls Tom

All he wanted was to travel and create extraordinary trips for people around the world. We call him the ultimate Pangian, a global citizen in motion.

Fast-forward to today, Tom’s passion is alive, and Backroads, the company he envisioned that night at 2 am is now the world’s #1 active travel company powered by a multicultural team of travelers extraordinaire, spread out across the world, getting paid to travel.

So if you are ready to jump at the opportunity to explore the world, meet amazing people and curate life-changing experiences, here are the top 3 travel jobs that will fulfill your wanderlust while giving you the sweet cash.

Best news? Backroads is hiring right now.

Trip Leaders

If you enjoy meeting people from around the world, learning about every nook and cranny of the places you visit and know how to have a good time, this job is for you. Backroads is now actively seeking great people to join their family of Trip Leaders in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Trip Leader’s “enthusiasm, intelligence, good humor and great taste are infectious, which means Backroads trips feel like roving, delectable celebrations”. Backroads also sets a high standard for their tours and sends up 3 or 4 awesome Trip Leaders on every trip. Ready to learn more? Trip Leader – learn more and apply.


Trip Prep Specialist

If you are more of a “behind the scenes” person with a knack for fixing and organizing things, this job is for you. Trip Prep Specialists work in tandem with Trip Leaders to prepare the award-winning biking, hiking and multisport vacations in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world for successful departures.

And if you can fix a bike or a random piece of the travel equipment and have a desire to create a great working environment with a global team, you may be just that perfect candidate for the job. Trip Prep Specialist – learn more and apply.

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Camp Crew

Love camping? Guess what, there is a Camping Crew job as well. Some Trip Leaders also work as Camp Chef or Camp Assistant for a week on a Camping Trip in North America. Like the role of Support Leader, working as part of the Camp Crew gives the Trip Leaders work and increases their earning potential without the additional responsibilities of being a Trip Leader.  Camp Crew – learn more and apply.


So now, you love the jobs but may wonder… what are my travel options here? The good news is, Backroads operates travel tours around the world and they are looking for Travel Crew to join them in 3 awesome regions:


Tuscany, Dolomites, Provence, Loire Valley, Croatia, Sicily, Puglia, Catalonia, Iceland, Ireland.

United States:

Anchorage, AK; Whitefish, MT; Jackson Hole, WY; Berkeley, CA; Anacortes, WA; Stowe, VT; St. George, UT.


Canmore, AB; Nova Scotia, NA; Gulf Islands, BC; Quebec, QC.

And guess what? Backroads truly cares about their employees. The compensation and benefits depend on the position and the region but the list of options goes on and on!

Pay & Allowances

  • Competitive rate of pay.
  • Trip leaders also receive gratuities from guests
  • Food allowances
  • Housing with computers, wireless internet and access to bikes for personal use in wonderful places that are available to staff free of charge while working.


  • Backroads provides all work-related travel throughout the course of the season.

Recreational Benefits

  • Generous discounts with brand-name equipment and clothing companies;
  • Backroads labeled gear (items vary each year)
  • Backroads trip discounts for family and friends.

Other Benefits

  • Retirement Plans
  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Flex Plan
  • Holiday and Vacation plans
  • And more

Ready to join Backroads family?

The team at Backroads is waiting for you.


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