Lucky 13 – The Top 13 Movies That Will Make You Quit Your Job, Change Your Life and Travel the World!

LikeFB [mashshare shares="false" buttons="true" align="left"] Nothing happens in a vacuum. Breaking up with established conventions, the monotony of life, and security of the grey cubicle takes time, strength, courage and plenty of inspiration! So if the dreaded Sunday evening sneaks up on you again, you can always escape to a better world with this Lucky 13 movies that may just give you that boost to quit your job and finally go after your dream life. It worked for me, so proceed with caution. Here we go: Top Travel Movies 1. UP – for all of us kids at heart and those who are not, this 3D computer-animated film tells a truly inspiring story showing what happens when we keep postponing our dreams for later, only to find out that “later” becomes too late. Fortunately, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. At 78, widower Carl Fredricksen finally gets courage to fulfill his dream to see the wilds of South America and to complete a promise made to his late wife. Make no mistake, this cartoon is definitely a MUST SEE for adults. This amazing movie truly gave me a healthy dose of inspiration to quit my job and follow my dream. This was also the last movie we watched before moving out of our 3000 sq.ft. house to embark on our epic journey. After watching UP, we couldn’t wait…. Here is the scene that tells it all: 2. I AM Documentary – from the “man that had it all until something happened to make him realize he might have it all…wrong”. The documentary follows Tom Shadyac, the director of “Ace Ventura”, “Nutty Professor” and “Bruce Almighty” who, following a near-death experience, quits Hollywood to embark on a life changing journey to find out what’s wrong with the world and how to change it. 3. The Bucket List – the title says it all. Most of us have a bucket list whether we call it that or not. Well, Edward and Carter played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman certainly do. But what’s the point of keeping a list of things we dream about if we don’t even try to make them a reality? Well, if your list is still untouched, this movie will inspire you to drop all excuses and live it up. It is a true example that money is not everything and it does not buy happiness. Living life to the fullest and having the love of the special people in our lives on the other hand…works every time! 4. Chef – a renowned culinary Chef, following a decade of amazing success, finds himself in a corporate rut cooking what’s required by the restaurant’s owner and not what the culinary tastes desire. A terrible food critic’s review, followed by getting fired is the final wake up call for renewing his passion and setting to create a dream life. It’s funny how that happens. Sometimes the biggest failures are the beginnings of the biggest success. You will laugh, you will cry and you will… dance. 5. Eat Pray and Love – this epic movie featuring Oscar winner Julia Roberts does not need introduction. You will be taken on an amazing journey through Italy, India and Bali and see that even after divorce, there is still an entire world waiting for you. 6. Last Holiday – this is a classic example of waiting too late to follow your dreams. Or is it? Finding out you have only few months to live is the final the wake-up call. Why do we insist on waiting for that harsh reminder, instead of doing what we want now? Well Georgia Byrd played by Queen Latifah is not waiting any longer. She is jetting off to the other side of the globe to finally make her dreams a reality. She is going for it and you will too once you see this story! 7. David Beckham: Into the Unknown– “You going where? To find yourself? Why can’t you find yourself at home?”. If you are tired of chick flicks or feel good stories and in a need of a real life adventure, this is a great documentary following David Beckham, one of the world’s most famous man, embarking on his own trip through Amazon. After playing soccer for 22 years, he is finally getting away “on a quest to freedom” on the motorcycle through South America. Don’t miss this one. 8. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Not much luck in love and layoff on the horizon? Sometimes moments like that are the best stopping point to evaluate what we really want and what’s worth living. Don’t leave your life “blank”. It is the only one we have. Fill it out with experiences and memories. That’s the only thing that matters. Get inspired watching Walter Mitty played by Ben Stiller taking the opportunity to fulfill the void and fill out the blank spaces with an adventure of the lifetime because ”life is about the courage and going into unknown”. 9. Wild – this real life story of Cheryl Strayed played by Reese Witherspoon will inspire you to be fearless on a journey to discover who you really are and what you really want from life. The journey through the Pacific Crest Trail is not for everyone but she did it and you can do it too. The PCT or anything else you set your mind to! 10. Slumdog Millionaire – “It is destiny”. This thrilling story about a poor boy from India, that single-handedly reverses the course of his life, is a perfect reminder to not let your past hold you back. It does not matter where you come from or what happened so far. You have the power to do anything you desire, so go for it and don’t let anyone stop you. Not even your own excuses…. 11. Under the Tuscan Sun –When the life crumbles it is definitely difficult to see the light and possibility. But an unexpected offer or an opportunity can change everything, if you only let it. So forget all the plans, all the rules. “Terrible idea, don’t you just love those?”. If the opportunity is there, take it and figure it out later. Life has an amazing way of surprising us, even across the world under the Tuscan Sun. So, if you are “sick of being afraid all the time” this movie is for you. Special feature: 3 heartwarming Polish man, made me feel at home in Italy. 12. The Hundred Foot Journey – from the producers of Oprah and Steve Spielberg, this movie will take you all the way to the French country side and, in a surprising twist, on an amazing journey with Indian cuisine. This is a story of a poor Indian family that opens restaurant across the street from a Michelin-starred French restaurant. Destined for failure? Take a journey of overcoming the obstacles on your way to creating your dream life. 13. A Map for Saturday – is a documentary about a New Yorker that quits his corporate job to backpack around the world. If you’ve always had that dream of backpacking in college and never made it happen, this movie is for you. Seeing amazing places, meeting interesting people and finding out that even at 73 you can become a backpacker and love it. No matter your age, it is not too late to follow your dream. How is that? Inspired yet? What are your favorite movies that make you want to fly? Let me know in the comments below so we can build the list together!
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8 thoughts on “Lucky 13 – The Top 13 Movies That Will Make You Quit Your Job, Change Your Life and Travel the World!

  1. Love it. Never heard about David Beckham doxumentary but looks so adventurous. Need to check it out!

  2. Never heard about the one with David Beckham or the director of Ace Ventur but the trailers looks great. Thanks for listing. Great recommendation

  3. Mag I love this list…. My favorite one being The secret life of Walter Mitty! which I watched at lest 7 times if not more, and second by the I AM documentary.
    Great post. thanks! 😉

  4. I just found your those movies. Already watched 5 of those but cant wait to checkout the rest. I’ve been wanting to quit my job for the last 10 yrs and I am still here….definitely need some motivation 🙂

    1. Those 13 should do it! Good luck with everything. Remember, life is too short. We have only one and there is no do over… Cheers!

  5. Love the list. Especially the I AM. Never heard about it but it looks fascinating. I would also add the supper in Paris. It is an old movie but so good.

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