Mag Boron, Founder and CEO
The fastest-growing remote-work community around the world.

Global remote work expert.

Mag Boron is the founder and CEO of Pangian, the fastest-growing remote-work community with 100,000+ remote workers 200+ countries and territories and 6 continents, helping over Top Global Startups and Fortune 500 recruit and hire top global talent.

Born in Poland, Mag now lives in the USA and travels the world covering 6 continents (Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia) and 50+ countries.

Mag’s career spans over 10 years of global leadership and remote work expertise deployed in complex business and technology strategies with $50M+ impact across Aerospace, Retail and Financial industries executed on a global scale (Europe, North America, South America and Asia) for Fortune 500, including Honeywell Aerospace and Wells Fargo.

Mag specializes in hiring for startups and Fortune 500 with focus on developing high-performance global remote teams.5

Prior to Pangian,  Mag was a VP, Strategy and Operations – Practices group at Wells Fargo, where she built a world-class Strategy and Operations, Practices team leading the division (800+ team members) through seamless execution and on-time implementation of 6 Global Programs (US, EU, Asia) and was instrumental in communication with the USA federal agencies: OCC, FED and CFPB. She was awarded Wells Fargo Excellence Award.

Before Wells Fargo, Mag chaired SAP Solution Manager Governance Board at Honeywell Aerospace and successfully lead global remote teams (North America, South America, Europe, Asia) in the execution of cross-functional (IT, Finance, Operations, HR) programs. Awarded Top 3% Honeywell Aerospace Performance globally, she was instrumental in increasing security and effectiveness of IT ecosystem.

Mag received a B.S. summa cum laude in Business with concentration in Information Technology from North Carolina State University and holds certifications in Six Sigma Green Belt, Design for Six Sigma, CISA, CISM and CRISC.



Work-life balance enthusiast.

Remote work, according to Mag, is not only a ticket to skipping traffic and restrictive office schedule, but most importantly to freedom and flexibility necessary to design one’s life to achieve the most fulfillment and happiness, and as a result top performance.

Mag believes that time and freedom is the ultimate currency. Work is just a piece in the puzzle of life. More work does not equal better results. Instead smart, strategic work, aligned with individual interests and lots of time off to fuel creativity and personal fulfillment is the key.

She is a strong believer that high-quality work and a high-quality lifestyle must be in sync for people to flourish. Ideas don’t have an office and the best break-throughs happen when we allow ourselves to experience the fleeting moments of life (btw, what’s up with all those ideas in the shower people!)

Her biggest passion is to see others reaching their full potential unrestricted by geographic location. Thus, she empowers talent around the world to work remotely from wherever they want fueling creativity and productivity for progressive and forward thinking companies around the world.

International speaker. Author.

Mag speaks and consults frequently on global remote work ecosystem, Millenilas & Gen Z in workforce, global talent, future of work, best global hiring practices, high-performance and high-engagement remote team, community engagement in workforce, and remote team scale up.

Mag is considered an expert voice and a featured author in influential media, including Business Insider, Huffington Post and Elite Daily among others and interviewed by Forbes.

A former business technology best practices expert, Mag’s speaking engagements include Mid-Atlantic IIA Conference, ISACA, Starter Studio and division-wide training engagements at Wells Fargo (800+) and Honeywell Aerospace (20,000+ global attendance), and Startup Hiring in Born Global community among others.

Global citizen. World-traveler.

Fearless and unapologetic about living life without regrets.


Ever since Mag was 5 years old, all she ever wanted, was to travel the world and meet people across the globe.

But she grew up in a small town in Poland, with no money, no opportunities, no English, and no passport.

Everyone told her this will not be possible.

But she never believed it.

She’s always felt like a global citizen.

She always felt that she belongs to the world.

So when she got an opportunity to travel to the US as part of an exchange program – it was an instant YES!

That one decision changed her life! 

Almost instantly the window to the world opened up for her.

She landed her 1st job in a tech startup that later on got acquired by Adobe and soon after, as a software engineer, she was recruited by Honeywell Aerospace to manage $50M+ software implementations projects and lead remote teams of 2000+ people like her, working remotely on 4 continents, North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

That’s how she knew: Anything is Possible. 

Remote work changed her life! 

Not only it gave her the incredible opportunity for a global career but most importantly gave her freedom and flexibility to travel the world, with her laptop and wifi, fulfilling her soul’s biggest passion and purpose.

Today, over 70 countries and 6 continents traveled, soaking up the sun in Bali, sipping wine in Santorini, climbing to the base camp of Mount Everest, conquering Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa and the tallest free standing mountain in the world, scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, camping in Iceland and exploring the nature of New Zealand, she is only beginning her lifetime journey.

Mag has been working remotely for over 10 years now, hiring for both startups and Fortune 500 and after working remotely with people around the world, there is one thing she knows for sure: Top Talent is Everywhere but Opportunity is Not.

She strongly believes that every human in the world deserves a chance to reach their full potential and have equal shot at life NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE FROM and the flexibility of remote work is freeing us to work anywhere.

She is on the mission to close the opportunity gap and create a WINDOW TO THE WORLD for those WHO DID NOT WIN A BRITH LOTTERY, creating one world with a global economy, that’s working for everyone.

Travel and meeting talented people around the world is her life.

That’s why she created Pangain.

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