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Join Me for the
Winning Remote Cover Letter Webinar


Do you dream of working remotely, but ...

  • Submitting applications with cover letters and not hearing back?
  • Not sure what’s the difference between an old-fashioned cover letter
    that gets you rejected vs a modern cover letter that gets you an interview?
  • Have no idea how to write a remote cover letter to stand out among
    hundreds of candidates?
  • Need to catch the attention of the hiring manager with a personalized
    cover letter, but don’t know how?

If This is You

Join Me As I Will Be:


Debunking remote cover letter myths, while reviewing a real cover letter from a hiring manager /recruiter perspective and explaining why it was tossed into the “rejected” pile.




Transforming it in front of you from “Rejected” to “Interview” by implementing
5 Remote Cover Letter Principles
That Will Get You Noticed by






Explaining step-by-step how to utilize 5 Remote Cover Letter Principles

Showcase Your Passion

Cover Letters are to express your interest in the job. This is a myth. I will debunk it and show you that a modern Cover Letter is all about showing who you are and why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Synergy with Company

I will share insider tips of what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for in your Cover Letter to decide if there is a synergy between you, the company and the job opportunity.

Value You Bring

I will show you how recruiters and hiring managers review Cover Letters and how to showcase the value you bring in order to catch their attention.

Stand Out & Shine

Once you got their attention, I will show you how to wow them with your results, credibility markers and give them confidence that you’re “A” player and a top performer.


Finally, I will share why a winning Cover Letter is a personalized cover letter. I will show you how to tailor your Cover Letter to prove you are the best candidate for the job.

If you loved our last Remote Resume/CV Fix Webinar, where I shared

5 Remote Resume/CV Changes
That Will Get You Noticed by

This Remote Cover Letter webinar will not disappoint!

Get instant access.

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About Me

Hi, I am Mag. I’m the founder and CEO of Pangian, the fastest-growing remote-work community around the world with members in 121 countries and 6 continents.

I’ve been working remotely for over 9 years, hiring for both startups and Fortune 500, and managing remote projects and remote teams on 4 continents.

My career spans over 10 years of global leadership and remote work expertise deployed in complex business and technology strategies with $10M+ impact across Aerospace, Retail and Financial industries executed on a global scale (Europe, North America, South America and Asia) for Fortune 500, including Honeywell Aerospace and Wells Fargo.

During my career I’ve reviewed over 1000 resumes, interviewed and hired amazing candidates.

I was born in Poland, currently live in the USA and travel the world covering 6 continents.

I am also honored to be a contributor to Business Insider, Huffington Post and Elite Daily.

Have any questions? Let us know here and we will be in touch.