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Iuliana Marchian is an accomplished travel writer and a former expert writer and assistant editor at Arrivedo. Iuliana's freelance work has appeared in Intrepid's Magazine, Matador Network, National Geographic Romania.
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English, Italian, Romanian
Doctoral degree
Cultural Tourism & Heritage
Adventure, Affection, Curiosity, Growth, Support
Blogging, Hiking, Photography, Travel, Traveling

My life motto is simple: “We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting” (Khalil Gibran).

- Background in architecture, historic monuments, and cultural tourism -
Professionally, during the past 20 years, I’ve focused on issues of cultural heritage and resilience tourism, based on my specialization in historic monuments. I graduated from Architecture, then I completed two master programs and a doctorate in the field of both cultural tourism and restoration of historic towns. I became a member of various cultural and touristic organizations, among which the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).
Then, at a certain moment, I decided to change the course of my carrier and became a travel writer & tour guide. Honestly, my gift isn’t teaching students. Whereas working in an office was definitely not for me. I needed to have freedom and to be able to explore the beauties of the world (as my motto says, right?). Not only I started to travel more and for longer periods, but I started the travel of my life, through life.
- My Travel Style – slow, authentic, flexible -
During my travels, I get in touch with locals through different communities or simply meet them while I am on the road. For the moment, I travel by myself at a slow pace and seek for authentic places, where tourism hasn’t yet commodified the features of the place. This is a reason why I love what traveling brings into my life. I believe that the people I meet aren’t a coincidence. This way of traveling, I see how every day of traveling adds a brick to the wall of my self-development. I consider traveling the best method of personal development, accompanied by the classic cliché ‘out of the comfort zone‘. Through my travels, I want to bring to light human individuality. I consider that everyone has his or her own travel style, authentic and free of any boundaries.

Coaching, Content management, Critical thinking, Editing, Higher Education, Microsoft Office, Presentation, Problem-solving, Research, Strategic planning, Writing
3 - 5 Years of experience
Travel/Tour Guide
7 - 10 Years of experience

- Travel writer, editor, and photographer -

As part of my professional writing, I’ve produced travel articles in English for Intrepid Magazine, PhotoBlog, Much Better Adventures, Modern Trekker, Adventure Animals, Matador Network, Arrivedo, Inside Himalayas, Activity Fan, and Sonderers. I was part of Arrivedo’s expert travel writers and wrote Neighborhood Guides for different hotels worldwide. Eventually, I joined Arrivedo’s Editors team and I assisted other writers in completing their Neighborhood Guides for hotels. Here it’s a list of my published articles in English (by Iuliana Marchian). Also, I have written in Romanian for the Rulotism, Greciadeweekend, LiterNet, Capital Cultural, and National Geographic journals. Here ițs a list of my published articles in Romanian (by Iuliana Marchian).

Besides, I am part of the Modern Trekker team and produce regular content for this travel magazine lovingly designed for travelers. Recently, I have become a Travelstoke contributor (a travel app developed by Matador Network). Moreover, when writing is not enough and people want to hear more about my experiences, I’ve accepted the challenge to speak in public about my travels. It was difficult at the beginning, but I’ve gotten used to it now. When you speak about your passions, there’s no limit. I share my experiences of traveling through my talks at Incubator107 and inspire people to discover themselves through travel.


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