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He traveled the world and now works remotely from the coast of Brazil

He traveled the world and now works remotely from the coast of Brazil

I love helping people.

I was born in Brazil and didn’t see the world until I finished my military service.

But I wanted more from life.

Working aboard a cruise ship I learned about respecting the differences between humans.

I met a lot of people of all nationalities and that made me a better person.

I learn a lot about customer service and not giving up.

But most of all, I developed a deep love for travel.

I traveled for 9 months volunteering around the world.

I helped rebuilt houses, I listen to elders stories and I cut grass, the most important part is that I learned a lot about making the difference in someone’s day can be a great way to have a good day myself.


When I got back to Brazil, I decided to find a job that does not take this mobility from me. This was how I found Pangian.

I found a great full-time opportunity right after creating my profile.

Applying through Pangian was easy.

The website already has most of my relevant experience.


After replying to a few questions I got invited for a video interview and got the job.

Today, back in Brazil, I work remotely in customer service. I live at the most majestic beach and crystal clear waters…

The best part is buying a one-way ticket and not worry about getting back.

My advice for those looking for job opportunities is:

1. Take the time to fill your profile.

2. When applying do not hesitate to talk about you. There are hundreds of candidates so you need to stand out.

3. Show the company what you can do and who you are.