How to Land a Remote Job

Step­ By­ Step Program To Landing a Remote Job...Without Stressing Out or Feeling Overwhelmed.

How to Land a Remote Job Academy powers-up top professionals
with a comprehensive remote work strategy for
finding and landing a remote job.

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So if you're dreaming of working remotely, but ...

  • Submitting applications and not hearing back
  • Feeling overwhelmed not knowing what to do next
  • Feeling lost, not sure how to create an effective remote work strategy
  • Worried you will not get noticed among hundreds of candidates
  • Stressed out with no idea how to catch the attention of the hiring manager

How to Land a Remote Job Academy is for YOU!

How to Land a Remote Job Academy is the only program right now that not only shows you how to find and apply for your dream remote job but also reveals the behind the scenes of how hiring managers evaluate your application and what exactly to change to get noticed.

By the end of this Program, you will have:

  • Gotten clarity on your career purpose and found the right remote job for you (instead of spending yet another year just thinking about it)

  • Nailed down your remote work strategy (so you are sending your applications only to employers that will be interested in you!)

  • Expertly used 5 Remote Resume principles and stand out among hundreds of candidates.

  • Swiftly created a powerful Cover Letter that  get you noticed by employers!

  • Mastered Linkedin and Pangian professional identity that creates trust.

  • Became a networking PRO (so no job is ever off limits for you)

But, most importantly, How to Land a Remote Job Academy will give you to finally take control of your professional life and develop a remote career you deserve.

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Monday, February 3, 2020

Limited seats available.

How to Land a Remote Job Academy Includes:


Module 1

Getting clarity on your career purpose.

Module 2

Nailing down your remote job strategy.

Module 3

Mastering Resume and standing out.

Module 4

Excelling at Cover Letter to getting noticed

Module 1

Getting clarity on your career purpose and competitive advantage (instead of spending yet another year wondering what your strengths are)

Module 2

Nailing down your remote work strategy
(so you’re sending applications only to employers that are interested in you!)

Module 3

Mastering Remote Resume Principles
(so you can instantly stand out among hundreds of candidates)

Module 4

Excelling at writing an attention-grabbing Cover Letter
(so you get instantly noticed by employers!)

500 Companies Hiring Remotely: Exclusive list

Remote Resume Before and After + Winning Template

Cover Letter Before and After 

Network like a PRO: Mastering Linkedin and Pangian profile.

Virtual Live Meet up & Q&A: Answering all your questions.

What Pangians Are Saying:

Pearl took this remote work training and
is already working remotely.


Pearl has been pursuing her passion for caring for rescue animals while working remotely for over 10 years. After taking remote job training by Pangian and landing a brand new remote job she is embarking on a new chapter in her life.

Nita took the remote work traning and
landed interview the next day

“I’ve found both these seminars incredibly helpful. I have two professions I usually do simultaneously and being remote is the only way I can manage. I’ve worked remote before but these days it is all about beating the bots! I rewrote my CV/Resume and customized a heartfelt cover letter. I LANDED AN INTERVIEW THE NEXT DAY just by following all your tips about CV/Cover Letter writing.”

Iuliana took this remote work training and
landed an interview the next week


I subscribed to Mag ‘s workshop for customizing CV and Cover Letter last week and I already have an interview scheduled on Wednesday (the position is for a Web Content Editor/ Manager for a tourism platform). I live in Romania and this is a proof that Mag’s teachings work everywhere and have a powerful effect.

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Limited seats available.

About Mag Boron
Remote Work Expert

Mag Boron is a remote work expert and the founder and CEO of Pangian. Her career includes:

10+ years creating and managing remote teams on 4 continents (Europe, North America, South America and Asia) for Fortune 500, including Honeywell Aerospace and Wells Fargo.

Hiring for startups and Fortune 500. Over 1000 resumes reviewed, candidates interviewed and hired.

Traveled over 50 countries on 6 continents and collaborates with remote workers globally. Learn more.

Stand out among thousands of applicants
and land your remote job.

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