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Company nameNumber of EmployeesCompany LocationWhat do they do
100Starlings1-10UKCreating web and mobile apps. We are a cooperative of like minded professionals skilled at solving problems and creating excellent products for today’s digital world.
10up51-200USAWe make the web better by finely crafting websites & tools for content creators.
10x Travel1-10EnglandWe help tour operators grow sales on autopilot using smart technology, without hiring more staff for your in-house marketing team.
15Five1- 58USA15Five makes continuous employee feedback simple to drive high performing cultures.
24Slides11-50DenmarkWe design beautiful and impactful presentations using PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi and more.
2600Hz11-50USAProvide your customers with an unparalleled communications solution while generating superior margins and expanding business opportunities with greater flexibility and control.
33 Sticks1-10USAHelping companies to created effective data optimization strategies.
3DprinterOS11-50USAOne easy-to-use platform for managing files, machines and users across your business
42Floors11-50USASan Francisco Commercial Real Estate
45royale1-10USAWe create websites that standout and convert.
For more than a decade we’ve built websites for brands like yours, creating experiences you and your customers will love.
4D Pipeline1-10USAWe do all things Digital, 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Apps, and Web
51Blocks1-10USAYour Premier White Label SEO Partnership & Reseller Program
5CA51-200NetherlandsCustom-crafted support solutions for Video Games, Consumer Electronics, and eCommerce
Acceleration Partners1-50USACustomer Acquisition Programs that deliver real profits.
Accella11-50USAAccella, LLC is a professional software development firm and as such we pledge to keep our prospective client’s information in the strictest confidence. Your information will never be used by or shared with any entity outside of our organization.
ACEA Bioscience11-50USAACEA Biosciences’ mission is to provide innovative high performance technologies that advance scientific discovery and improve healthcare.
Action Verb11-50USAEmpower your data with tools for organization, collaboration, and file logistics. Whether you’re a hobbyist photographer or a multinational corporation with complex compliance requirements, can propel your productivity.
Actionable.co11-50Australia/CanadaLearning & development platform company changing how we learn at work
ActiveCampaign11-50USAEmail marketing platform with full email automation
ActiveProspect11-50USAWe provide real-time lead optimization and compliance solutions that give you the insights and control to take action on your leads.
Acuity Scheduling11-50USAAcuity Scheduling is your online assistant,
working 24/7 to fill your schedule.
AddStructure1-10USAWe bring a people-first approach to advanced technology, connecting thousands of brands and retailers to the voices of their customers.
AdEspresso1-10USAOptimize your Facebook Ads Easily
AdQuick11-50USAOutdoor advertising made easy.
Find the best locations from over 1,000 media owners nationwide. Plan, purchase, and measure your outdoor advertising, all in one place.
Advantage Integrated Solutions1-10USADelivering Agile Solutions
For The Modern Enterprise
Advocate1-10USAUnlock Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns
Learn how Advocate lets you fine-tune your brand’s engagement through truly insightful analytics and unrivaled control
Agent Pronto1-20USAAgent Pronto is a free service that analyzes top-performing real estate agents in your area to find the local agent that’s best for you.
AgentFire1-10USADominate Your Hyperlocal Market.
Showcase what makes you special, demonstrate hyperlocal expertise, and offer loads of value so you can multiply new deals – with a Spark Real Estate Website.
AgileBits11-50CanadaPut Passwords In Their Place
Aglowid IT Solutions11-50IndiaWeb and Mobile App Development Company
Aglowid IT Solutions11 – 50IndiaWeb & Mobile App Development Company
Aha!11-50USAAha! is roadmapping software for PMs who want their mojo back
AI Incube1-10USAStop driving in circles. Find real time street parking now
AirTreks11-50USAWe’re a distributed travel company with employees working from all corners of the world. Since 1987, AirTreks has been a leader in multi-stop international travel, especially complex routes with up to 25 stops. We believe travel is vital: our core values are making meaningful connections, embracing change, working and playing with passion, loving learning, and owning our experience.
Alaris Prime1-10IndiaWe design and build products for beauty and performance.
Alegion1-10USAThe Gold Standard For Enterprise Data Labeling with the platform, people and process you need
Alley interactive11-50USAWe are strategists, researchers, designers, and developers who craft custom digital experiences for publishers, nonprofit institutions, museums, and brands.
ALO71-100USAHelp children acquire lifelong learning skills and does this by combining the latest scientific technology, groundbreaking educational ideas, and endless creativity
AltSchool50-200USAAltSchool is a venture-backed educational startup headquartered in San Francisco is an open source company that offers flexible, container-based hosting solutions made by developers for developers.
AmaZix1-10DenmarkFrom consultancy to marketing, your crypto journey starts here. Shoot for the moon with AmaZix as your mission control.
Amazon500K – 1MUSAThe largest e-commerce platform in the world, focuses on cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.
Ameego1-10CanadaAmeego helps restaurants create better employee schedules.
American Express1K-50KUSAGlobal financial services company best known for its credit card, charge card and traveler’s cheque businesses
Andela51-200KenyaAndela builds distributed engineering teams with Africa’s top software engineers. We handle talent assessment, onboarding, and continuous improvement. You get back to building.
Angie Hospitality1-10USASay hello to the world’s first cloud-powered, interactive
guest room assistant, created just for hotels.
Animalz11-50USAAnimalz provides high-end content marketing and SEO solutions to startups, VC firms and enterprise companies.
Antavo11-51UKAntavo is a complete Software-as-a-Service solution to launch point-based loyalty programs
Apartment Therapy101-250USAApartment Therapy is a home and decor site, designed to inspire anyone to live a more beautiful and happy life at home.
Apitalks1-10Czech RepublicApitalks created easy to use and secure platform, which will help you to share your data and grow your revenues.
Appen100-300AustraliaAppen is a global leader in the development of high-quality, human-annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence.
AppendTo11-50USAWe are a leader in modern web development specializing in custom solutions and expert-led training.
Applied Brain Research11-50CanadaAt ABR we develop a new kind of AI that exploits spiking in neural networks. Our algorithms and the hardware we use ranges from the conventional (CPUs, GPUs, deep networks, ANNs) to the unconventional (spiking ASICs, FPGAs, adaptive controllers, SNNs).
Appnovation201-500CanadaWe’re inspired by our clients and work to advance their business by innovating everything digital. We’re endless innovators, constantly looking for new ways to connect the dots and connect people.
Apptio51-200USAApptio SaaS solutions help organizations make smart decisions as they analyze, plan, optimize, control, and collaborate about the investments that will transform the IT operating model.
Aptible11-50USAImprove your Security Management, build trust with customers, and grow your business through automation and integrations for security programs.
Araize1-10USAAraize FastFund Nonprofit Accounting is an excellent product for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations that desire a well-functioning fundraising module as well.
ArangoDB11-50USAArangoDB is the open-source native multi-model database for graph, document, key/value and search needs.
Argent1-10UKA radically better crypto wallet. Enjoy the future of the web with the first smart wallet for Ethereum cryptocurrencies and apps.
Arkency1-10PolandOur speciality is working with legacy software
Art & Logic51-200USAWe don’t just build software – We build it better.
ART1911-50USAWe believe in Audiotonomy—a philosophy that both publishers and advertisers deserve full control of their audio experiences, to better serve their listeners.
Articulate51-200USAIt’s the world’s favorite e-learning authoring tool, better than ever.
AsmallOrange51-200USAHomegrown Hosting – quality web hosting backed by top notch support.
Assemble1-10 WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE.CONNECTS WITH YOUR FILM. Create beautiful, engaging websites and grow your film’s audience
Assembled Brands51-200USAAssembled Brands understands what it takes to build consumer brands because we’ve built our own. As proponents of human-centered design, our experience with building brands allows us to properly serve consumer goods entrepreneurs. One of our most notable brands is Khaite, a women’s ready-to-wear collection that reimagines classic American sportswear for the twenty-first century.
Astro HQ1-10USAASTROPAD STUDIO. Turn your iPad into a professional graphics tablet
Attentiv1-10USAAttentiv is the ultimate decision-making and team collaboration platform.
Attractions.io1-10UKThe ultimate guest experience. Remarkable business results. Guest expectations are changing. Use smart technology to deliver a better guest experience, increase revenue and unlock actionable visitor insights.
Aula11-50UKAula is a social learning platform. We work with universities to make it easy for all educators to engage all students, even when they’re not on campus.
Aurity1-10UKAt Aurity, we select, vet and train the best global talent and support them through our open-source community. Transparency is at the heart of what we do – we make sure that all of our autonomous team members have access to our global resources and have the tools to build something exceptional.
Auth051-200 employeesArgentinaIdentity made simple for developers
Authority Partners201-500USAAP isn’t just an IT company. It’s a community of global technology experts collaborating with our client partners
to build Enterprise solutions. Let us take you to a whole new level by applying our expertise and passion to your
biggest ideas.
Automaton11-50USABringing DevOps to the No-code movement
Automattic501-1000USAWe are a distributed company, democratizing publishing and development.
Avaaz51-200USAAvaaz is a global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere.
Award Force11-50AustraliaAward Force is the industry-leading software for awards, grants + more.
Axelerant51-200IndiaWe’re an incubator for innovative products and services created to make the world a happier place.
Azumio11-50USAAzumio™ is a leader in health and fitness apps on mobile devices
BacklotCars11-50USAA networking marketplace for auto dealers – Never pay auction fees again.
Backpacker Travel11-50 Your ultimate resource for seeing the world
Balsamiq11-50 Balsamiq Mockups is a rapid wireframing tool
Band Industries1-10USAAutomatic Guitar Tuner
Bant.io11-50EnglandAll-in-one lead generation & sales acceleration platform that helps automate your customer acquisition with data-driven experiments, making failure impossible.
Barefoot Coders1-10USAWe are proven engineers, with a track record of shipping and scaling high-quality web and mobile products.
Baremetrics1-10USASubscription Analytics & Insights for Stripe
Barrel1-10USAWe are an independent creative and digital marketing agency established in 2006. We collaborate with brands to accelerate their growth.
Barrel Roll1-10USAComprehensive WordPress Maintenance – That’s Fast
Basecamp11-50USABasecamp is everyone’s favorite project management app, the tool of the trade
Basho51-200USACreator and developer of Riak, an open-source distributed database
Batchbook11-50USABatchbook is a simple tool to help small businesses build meaningful relationships with their best customers
Be My Guest1-10USAWe’re a full-service podcast company dedicated to helping you build loyalty, increase sales, reach more customers, & communicate with your employees.
Bearer1-10FranceIntegrating APIs doesn’t have to make your app unreliable. Monitor API usage in real-time. Protect your App against API limits and failures. Integrate APIs faster.
BeBanjo11-50SpainWe help you manage your on-demand world
BeerMenus1-10USAMore than 6.7 million beer lovers use BearMenus to find great bear.
BetterDoctor11-50USASearch over 1,000,000 doctors rated by education and experience
Beutler Ink11-50USADesign / Stategy / Wiki Relations
BidWrangler1-10USABidWrangler began when an auctioneer needed to solve a problem. Since then, our story has been shaped by solving technology problems for auctioneers and their bidders around the globe, and is anchored by the success of our mobile bidding platform.
Big Universe1-10USABig Universe is now part of Fuel Education, one of the industry’s largest K-12 digital curriculum providers.
BioTrust Nutrition201-500USAWhen you join the BioTrust Tribe, you commit to supporting our mission to give back in big ways through top-rated, life-changing charities. Thanks to our many loyal customers, we’re extremely proud and grateful to support these amazing charities and nonprofit organizations that support our ongoing mission to help children, families, and communities in need across the globe live better, healthier lives.
Bisnow Media51-200USAWe’re intensely curious about commercial real estate. If this were high school, we’d definitely get beat up. But now we’re all adults. And we’re here to help you be curious (and nerd out) about real estate.
Bitnami51-200USABitnami makes it easy to get your favorite open source software up and running on any platform, including your laptop, Kubernetes and all the major clouds. In addition to popular community offerings, Bitnami, now part of VMware, provides IT organizations with an enterprise offering that is secure, compliant, continuously maintained and customizable to your organizational policies.
Bitovi11-50USAWe have the right people, a proven process, and the powerful tools you need to build amazing web applications.
Blanket1-10USABlanket gives the best products an unfair advantage by giving them access to the best distribution.
BloodHub1-10USABloodHub was launched in 2010 to meet the changing needs of the blood banking industry. Our founding vision remains simple: bring blood suppliers and hospitals closer with a paperless process that is automated and transparent, backed by exceptional reliability, ease of use, smart ideas and responsive, personalized service.
Blossom1-10USAProject tracking for distributed companies.
Blue Ox Family Games1-10USAAmazing family games for your mobile device from Blue Ox.
Blue Zinc IT 11-50UKSmart software for the Healh industry.
BlueLabs1-10MaltaWe are building the sports betting platform of tomorrow.
Bluespark Labs11-50USAWe help you imagine, design, and build amazing digital experiences that make you and your users happy.
Boldly USABoldly is a premium subscription staffing company helping drive the success of growing small and medium-size businesses around the world. Where typical virtual assistant companies focus on providing entry-level admin support, we focus on providing experienced business-level staff across a variety of disciplines.
Bonfire11-50USAReinventing the way people create, buy and sell custom apparel.
BookingSync11-50FranceProperty management software for all short-term rentals managers
Bookwhen1-10UKThe Online Booking System that Saves you Time. Create your Free Booking Page in minutes with support from our friendly team!
Bootsandall11-50USAA suite of services for independent travelers since 1998
BrainCheck1-10USAComprehensive Cognitive Health Solutions
BrandBastion11-50USAImproving Return on Ad Spend on Social Media. Advertising involves many touchpoints and consumers are always paying attention. Our solutions drive increased ROAS and brand equity for the world’s top brands, making every interaction count.
Brave-software11-50USAYou deserve a better Internet. So we reimagined what a browser should be. It begins with giving you back power. Get unmatched speed, security and privacy by blocking trackers. Earn rewards by opting into our privacy-respecting ads and help give publishers back their fair share of Internet revenue.
Bridged11-50USAHuman-powered data for artificial intelligence models
BriteCore11-50USAFully managed, enterprise-level software platform. Built from the ground up using the latest in modern technology, we combine core, data, & digital solutions into a single, comprehensive offering.
Brivity51-200USAThe only system that guarantees success in real estate
BTCD Ltd11 – 50UKStartup Advisory and Incubator in the Blockchain, Fintech, and Crypto spaces.
Buddy Boss11-50USAYour trusted resource for BuddyPress and WordPress powered communities.
Buffer51-200USASave time managing social media for your business
Bugcrowd11-50USAWe bring thousands of good hackers to the fight, helping companies even the odds and find bugs -before the bad guys do.
Buuny Inc.51-200USABunny Inc. is an online service that allows you to get ready-to-use voiceovers, written content, translations, and dubbing.
BuySellAds11-50USAJoin 12,000+ advertisers reaching audiences in context at scale
Cadasta1-10USAOur Vision is to build a world where even the most marginalized individuals and communities can benefit from the opportunities afforded by secure land and resource rights.
CafeMedia51-200USACafeMedia connects authentic publishers, engaged audiences and leading brands to make the internet a better place.
Camplight11-50 A digital cooperative that creates experiences for the web, mobile and beyond.
Canonical501-1000UKIt is our mission to make open source software available to people everywhere.
Canva50-500AustraliaDesign presentations, social media graphics,and more with thousands of beautiful layouts.
CapitalOne10000 – 50000USACapital One® offers a broad array of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses and commercial clients in the U.S., Canada and the UK.
Carbon Black51-200USAThe VMware Carbon Black Cloud consolidates security and provides you with what you need to secure your endpoints, using a single lightweight agent.
Cargobase11-50SingaporeSimplifying logistics to increase efficiency, reduce cost and drive transparency.
CarriersEdge11-50CanadaWe think truck drivers should have access to great training, without having to sacrifice their weekends. We believe that technology can help solve some of the problems that trucking faces, and that providing the tools, information, and motivation people need will result in more successful fleets and a thriving industry.
Cartstack1-10USATurn your vanishing shoppers into new customers. Automatically recover 15% of your lost ecommerce sales with a full suite of website abandonment campaigns & tools.
Catalyze11-50USACloud computing for healthcare. Compliant platform, mobile backend, and HL7 integrations.
Cesanta11-50IrelandCesanta is a company based in Dublin, Ireland. Since 2013 we develop and distribute embedded software and hardware with focus on connected products and Internet of Things.
ChartMogul 11-50GermanyWe help people build better subscription businesses, with data.
Chaser1-10UKWe are developing and delivering a market-leading SaaS solution; powered by big data-informed insights, automation and artificial intelligence. We are transforming a process that has seen minimal technological innovation to date. In doing so we are helping businesses make better decisions about who to grant credit to, take the best chasing actions to boost their cash flow and save time.
Chef51-200USAInnovation, speed, collaboration and safety – Chef bakes them all into one DevOps platform.
Cherish1-10 Cherish is a parent coaching app to help parents build healthy, happy relationships with their teens.
Chess.com51-200USAPlay and learn chess
Chili Piper11-50USAOur mission is to reinvent the system of action of Sales professionals to provide them with new levels of productivity and job satisfaction while increasing global prosperity.
Chromatic1-10USAAt Chromatic, we’re downright obsessed with making the web the best it can be, but our company is about so much more.
Chronos Capital1-10USAExperts in Business and Asset Valuations for Private Companies and Funds
Ciao Bambino!11-50USAGlobal family travel planning resource.
CircleCI11-50USAShip better code, faster
Cisco50K-100KUSACisco is the worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions.
Citrusbyte51-200USAWe work with large enterprise organizations and startups to solve their business challenges by identifying, designing and building innovative software solutions.
Civic Actions11-50USADigital services that work for everyone. We help agencies improve lives through modern software and thoughtful experiences.
Civic Eagle11-50USAThe #1 tool for remote government affairs work. Enview brings state and federal bills together with team communications so that organizations can unlock efficiency in their policy workflow.
Cladwell1-10USAPersonal styling for those who don’t fit in a box. Identify your style. Achieve a thoughtful wardrobe. Get dressed easier, each morning.
Classpass501-1000USAClassPass is a membership program for fitness classes across multiple gyms and studios, making working out more accessible.
Clerky1-10USAClerky is the only online legal service obsessed with helping startup founders get legal paperwork done safely. Get your legal paperwork done with confidence, so you can get back to building your startup.
Clevertech51-200USASimply put, Clevertech solves our clients toughest problems, using the power of creative problem solving, bespoke engineering and stunning design
ClickFlow1-10USAGrow Your Organic Traffic. WITHOUT the hassle of creating backlinks or content.
Clio201-500CanadaWe make running your law firm easier. Let us show you how.
Close.io11-50USAYour all-in-one CRM. Supercharge sales with the only CRM to offer lead management, calling, email automation, predictive dialers, and more.
Cloud Sherpas1K-5KUSAWe are the cloud experts, whose knowledge, experience and areas of proficiency extend farther than any partner in the markets we address.
CloudBees100-500USAWe’re Building the World’s First End-to-End Continuous Software Delivery System
Cloudpeeps1-10USACloudPeeps is a freelance marketplace and community platform
Clustree11-50FranceDes organisations à l’épreuve de l’avenir grâce à des compétences universelles
Codeable11-50DenmarkCodeable is the only WordPress freelancer platform. We match customers to the best WordPress experts. We help customers solve any WordPress problem.
Codebusters201-500USACodebusters helps hospitals and providers get the people they need to capture, code, and bill for their health information.
CodeControl11-50GermanyCodeControl works with the top developers, designers and project managers in Europe.
Codeship11-50AustriaCodeship is a hosted Continuous Delivery platform.
Cofense201-500USACofense empowers your people to recognize phishing attacks and stop them in minutes, not days. Our end-to-end phishing defense solution combines collective human intelligence with powerful threat hunting and mitigation technologies to catch phish the evade secure email gateways
Coffee Meets Bagel11-50USAOnline dating site that connects individuals with a ‘friend-of-a-friend’ match every day
Cohesive Networks51-200USAYou need a Security Cloud™. Manage your cloud networks with insight, visibility, and control. We help enterprises meet their fundamental needs to connect, federate, and secure their hybrid cloud business.
Coinbase51-200USACoinbase is the easiest place to buy, sell, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.
Collab. Drug Discovery1-10USASmart Drug Discovery Software Saves Time
CollabNet201-500 CollabNet is a developer of software development and application lifecycle management tools
Collabora51-200UKCollabora – – Open source software-based consulting.’s easy-to-use software tools, which make creating custom products easy for everyone.
Comcate Software51-200USAAdvanced Code Management Products from Comcate
Comet51-200FranceLa nouvelle norme pour travailler avec les freelances
Commerceblock 1-10UKDistributed Financial Infrastructure. We build infrastructure across public and permissioned networks.
ComplianceMate1-10USAMaintain safe cooler temperatures, all day and every day. With ComplianceMate, wireless sensors monitor temperatures inside any coolers or equipment.
Compose11-50USAOpen source databases as a service
CompuCorp1-10UKWe do things a little differently, basing all our solutions on open source products, having flexible working hours and a real team mentality. Our work covers web design, app development and branding for Charities and non-profit organisations across the country.
Conferize11-50DenmarkConferize has helped people gather since 2011. We’ve created a set of beautifully obvious tools that bring your events to life.
Conjura1-10UKA customer data warehouse managed and maintained for you. Remove the data silos in your organisation & analyse every customer from first click to final payment.
ConnectCPA11-50CanadaWe’re a ‘plug and play’ accounting and bookkeeping team that solves the finance pain point for scaling companies.
Conservation Labs0 – 10USAWe enable cost effective and sustainable water use. Our first product, H2know, measures water use and detects leaks in real time.
Continu11-50USAContinu is beautifully simple Learning Software built for the modern workplace
Continued11-50USAhigh-quality, online continuing education that fits your schedule + your budget for the life of your career
Contrast Security51-200USAMAKE YOUR SOFTWARE SELF-PROTECTING. Contrast automatically detects and fixes vulnerabilities and defends against targeted attacks and bots – no scanning or scheduling required.
ConvertKit11-50USAEmail marketing software the way it should be. ConvertKit helps you manage emails lists and drip campaigns
Conveyal1-10USAWe help plan better cities. TRANSPORTATION CONSULTING & SOFTWARE
Copass1-10France500+ unique workspaces. One pass.
Copyblogger (source)51-200USAWe Power Websites That Work
CoreData51-200CyprusCore Data Services (CDS) is a data and statistics provider with an emphasis on low-latency, real-time sports data feeds. CDS’s product lineup is the backbone for a variety of innovative products, including live score trackers, play by play game trackers, and real-time AI-based odds. The company’s statistics database includes detailed play by play records for past events across 22 sports.
Corgibytes1-10USASOFTWARE REMODELING. Finally, a team of expert developers who love maintenance.
Cornis11-50FranceWith operations in more than 40 countries, Cornis is the leading technology provider for O&M management tools. Thanks to our AI technology and data management solutions, we support clients whenever and wherever they need a unique solution to follow their assets all along their life cycle
Countly11-50UKCountly is the best analytics platform to understand and enhance customer journeys in web, desktop and mobile applications. We securely process billions of data points every day in the cloud and on-premises in order to help companies across the globe grow their business.
Course Concierge1-10USAWE PRODUCE AND MARKET YOUR Online Course
Covenant Eyes51-200USAReconnect. Find Freedom.Covenant Eyes can help you quit porn for good.
CoverMyMeds USAOur mission is to help patients get the medication they need to live healthy lives.
Cozy Cloud11-50FranceA personal cloud for everyone!
Crive1-10IndiaPeace of mind for photographers
CROmetrics1-10USAWe help companies grow through data-driven experimentation.
Crowd Valley11-50USAFinance Engine to Launch & Operate any Digital Finance Service
Crowdstrke201-500USAJoin the world’s most secure businesses on the first cloud-native endpoint protection platform built to stop breaches.
Cucumber1-10UKTools & techniques that elevate teams to greatness. Whether open source or commercial, our collaboration tools will boost your engineering team’s performance by employing Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). And with our world-class training, take it to places it’s never been.
Cuddli1-10USACuddli is the fastest and safest way for geeks to meet new people.
Custody x Change11-50USAThe leading software for creating and managing custody
agreements for parents for legal professionals
Cvedia1-10The NetherlandsCVEDIA is trusted by some of the largest organizations on the planet to successfully develop, train, and validate AI systems
Cyanna Education11-50USAWhether your school is starting out or fully established, Cyanna® can help you navigate regulations, improve operations, design courses, train teachers, and make the enrollment process easier and smarter.
Daocloud1-10USAFind the perfect wellness practitioner.
DataCite e.V.1-10GermanyLocate, identify, and cite research data with the leading global provider of DOIs for research data.
Datadog201-500USADatadog is built by engineers, for engineers. We do product, frontend, backend, and everything in between.
DataQuest1-20USAOur hands-on method teaches you all the skills you need to become a data scientist, data analyst, or data engineer.
DataStax201-500USADataStax does Operational Database Management Systems.
DBNY1-10USAWe transform commerce brands, like it’s our job.
DealDash11-50USAFair and Hottest Auctions.
Dealer Inspire11-50USAThe innovative, scrappy disruptor building unprecedented technologies for dealerships to sell and service more cars
Deekit1-10EstoniaWork with a real-time whiteboard
Deeson1-10UKDeeson is a leading digital agency.
Degreed200-500USAWe’re helping 3+ million people at over 150 organizations build the skills they need to invent the future.
Delicious Brains1-10CanadaHi. We’re Delicious Brains. We make super awesome products for WordPress.
Dell10000-50000USADell empowers countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams
Delphia11-50CanadaDelphia is a groundbreaking investment collective that turns personal data into personal wealth.
Demio1-10USAWebinar software comparison. Looking for the right platform? View our comparisons below to evaluate your options.
DesignLab11-50USAMentor-led, online design education with a focus on quality and outcomes.
Dgraph1-10AustraliaNot everything can fit in rows and columns
Meet Dgraph, world’s most advanced graph database.
Digital Ocean50-500USAWe’re on a mission to simplify cloud computing so developers and their teams can spend more time building software that changes the world
digitalis.io1-10UKThe company was founded in 2015 by industry experts in DevOps and distributed systems with considerable experience in Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka and DataStax Enterprise.
Dimanex1-10Netherlands3D Printing Made Easy
for Supply Chain Teams
Dito11-50USADito is one of the original 30 hand-picked Google Apps Authorized Resellers.
Divine Living11-50USADivine Living is for the woman entrepreneur who’s excited about the world and desires to play a big part in it; who craves a deep spiritual connection and appreciates the finer things in life; who dares to be visible, make a global impact, and enjoy life to the fullest.
Divio11-50SwitzerlandThe Divio Cloud Management platform brings together the ease-of-use of a platform-as-a-service with cloud management features that work across vendors including AWS, Azure and on-premise infrastructure.
Divshot1-10USADivshot is an interface builder for web applications
DNSimple11-50USAAutomate your domains with our exceptional toolkit.
Docker201-500USAAn open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins
DoInbound1-10USAWhy We Help Agency Owners Find Freedom by Building an Agency That Can Thrive Without Them
Doist51-200SpainAt Doist, we specialize in productivity software
DojoMadness11-50GermanyWe create tools and content enabling players to master their game
Domino Data Lab11-50USAOne place for your data science tools, apps, results, models, and knowledge
Doopoll1-10UKReal time surveys. Designed for big screen presentations.
Dotsub1-10USAMake your video more engaging, global, searchable and valuable. The leading source for video translation and captions
Doximity51-200USAThe Medical Network. Where care comes together
Draxlr 1-10 Admin, Explore and Analyze your data in one place.
Perform CRUD operations, execute complex queries, save results, build graphs, dashboards and lot more, all on a fully managed platform.
DroneDeploy11-50USAThe leading drone software that elevates your business
Duck Duck Go11-50USAThe search engine that doesn’t track you.
Eaternity1-10SwitzerlandAccelerating a Sustainable Food Future. As food producer or restaurant, get precise assessment of your food’s environmental footprint. Go ahead and create profit for people, planet and your business.
Ebury51-200UKYour global transaction banking platform for FX Risk Management, International Payments, Trade Finance & Currency Accounts
Edify11-50Costa RicaOur vision is to shine through the quality of the work that we love while building a strong team spirit in an open and creative space.
Eet.nu11-50NetherlandsPlatform for restaurants
Eezy11-50USAContent for Creative Minds. Our sites attract millions of amateur and professional designers, illustrators, and artists each month. We connect those people with free and premium design resources from brands around the world.
Elastic500-999NetherlandsWe help people explore and analyze their data differently using the power of search.
Ember Tribe11-50USAEmberTribe DNA
We obsess over measurable results. We question the “best practices” and test everything. We practice empathy and relentlessly seek to understand your ideal customer. We believe that creativity and careful analysis work best together, not apart.
Emily Hirsh11-50USAEMILY HIRSH is THE authority on digital marketing strategy for influencers and game-changing entrepreneurs.
EngageTech11-50UKMakes it easy for businesses to find, hire and pay temporary workers
Enjin1-10SingaporeBlockchain: Gamified. Ecosystem of integrated software products that help you take advantage of a world-changing technology in an easy way.
Entertainers Worldwide1-10 Worldwide entertainment and event services booking platform. Hire entertainers including singers and musicians for parties, weddings and other events.
Envato201-500AustraliaEverything You Need to Get Creative Projects Done. Bring your ideas to life with professional digital assets, resources and services
enVista501-999USAenVista is a leading global consulting and software solutions firm enabling enterprise commerce for the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors and omni-channel retailers.
Erply51-200USAErply is next generation POSand retail software system
Estately1-10USAWe’re here to make shopping for your next home easier, and a little more fun, too.
Etsy501-1000USAthe world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace
EveryoneSocial11-50USAThe Leading Employee Advocacy Platform
Explainify1-10USA60 to 90 Seconds Is All It Takes for Prospects to Understand and Take Action
Exposure Ninja51-200USAWe’re a Digital Marketing Agency helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to generate more revenue from the Internet. We do this by building high-conversion websites and driving traffic with SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Social. See how we can help your business grow by requesting a free review of your website and digital marketing, complete with your personal plan of action expertly prepared by one of our experienced marketing ninjas.
Eyeo11-50GermanyWe develop open source software that millions of people use every day to have a better online experience.
Fanatical Labs1-10USAWe’re Fanatical Labs and we give businesses superpowers
Farmstead1-10USAFresh, Local Groceries + Free Delivery Forever. Farmstead’s minimally processed, farm-fresh food is delivered right to your doorstep, saving you time, money and stress.
Fastly201-500USAFastly is today’s leading edge cloud platform. We move data and apps as close to your end users as possible.
Figma51-200USAFigma helps teams create, test, and ship better designs from start to finish.
FineTune learning1-10USAThe first platform specializing in
Assessing, Evaluating, and Strengthening Complex Skills.
Fire Engine RED51-200USAInnovative marketing, technology, and data solutions for the education market.
First+Third1-10USAWe develop and implement custom websites that take you from low engagement to highly engaged and converting, so your business can thrive.
Five Q11-50USAFive Q is an interactive web development and marketing agency partnering with ministries and non-profit organizations.
Fleep11-50EstoniaFleep is a secure messenger app that works with email.
Fleetio11-50USAWe’re reshaping fleet management.
Flight Vector11-50USAFlight Vector™ is a suite of products designed to meet the needs of the modern communications center. Whether you need to dispatch air and ground assets within the emergency medical market or within a non-emergent market Flight Vector™ is your solution
Flippa11-50AustraliaFlippa helps you list faster, connect with buyers and sell your business to someone just as passionate as you.
Flippa11-50Australia#1 platform to buy and sell online businesses
Flockler11-50UKFlockler helps marketers like you to display Instagram images, Facebook posts, Tweets, LinkedIn posts, and more on any digital service to increase time spent on site and drive conversions.
Flood IO1-10AustraliaTricentis Flood is a distributed, cloud load testing platform that helps teams test, analyze and improve the way their applications scale — with seamless integration across the DevOps pipeline. With Tricentis Flood, you can achieve a continuous view of application performance and go live with confidence.
Flow11-50CanadaFlow is project management software that simplifies teamwork.
Flyreel1-10USABe the insurance carrier of the future, now. Improve the customer experience and reduce inefficiency with automation powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Focus Asia1-10SingaporeOur Core Purpose is to help international outbound tour operators reach their goals. Our mission is to deliver programs that consistently exceed customer, employee and partner expectations.
Folarium Technomedia1-10IndonesiaLong term development – SAP Services
Follow Up Boss11-50USANever Lose Another Real Estate Lead
Fonoma11-50CubaRecharge cellphones in Cuba
Forecastr1-10USAForecast Your Revenue With Confidence. We are here to help you effortlessly manage & forecast your finances, so you can run your business better.
Forest Admin1-10USAForest Admin provides an off-the-shelf admin panel based on a highly-extensible API hosted on your servers.
Forget The Funnel1-10CanadaBecome a badass revenue-generating SaaS marketing and growth leader
FormAssembly11-50USAWe specialize in web forms and data collection
Formstack51-200USAFormstack’s online form builder allows businessesto be more agile, reliable, and scalable.
Fortumo51-200EstoniaDirect carrier billing in 92 countries for apps, games, digital media companies, app stores and device manufacturers.
Forward Financing51-200USAProudly located in Boston’s financial district, Forward Financing is a nationally recognized financial technology company that provides fast and flexible working capital to small- and medium-sized businesses across the country.
Founder Centric1-10UKWe design and teach top tier startup education.
Foundersuite.com11-50USAA better way to raise capital. Foundersuite brings structure, speed and efficiency to fundraising and investor relations.
Foundr Magazine1-10AustraliaTop resources for founders and business owners.
Four Kitchens11-50USAOur team builds websites and apps that help you publish great content across all devices, platforms, and experiences.
Fournova1-10USAWe create software that matters. Used by thousands of customers. Around the world. Every day.
FoxAndSheep1-10GermanyWe create high-quality digital products for kids. Our team is passionate, experienced, professional and not to mention a bit crazy. We are designers, writers, artists, and developers who love what we do and we are excited to bring you and your children apps, animated shows, audio plays, and podcasts.
Foxio1-10USAFoxio partners with entrepreneurs to bring digital product ideas to market
Fuel Made1-10USAWe help ecommerce companies grow! We specialize in premium custom Shopify design and development and advanced email marketing using Klaviyo. We are one of a handful of Shopify Plus partners, as well as a Klaviyo Professional Partner.
FullStack1-10USAFullStack was established in 2000 as Cramer Development. In 2014 we changed our name to FullStack. Founded in Iowa, FullStack has transitioned to an entirely distributed team. We help businesses build interactive software products.
Funding Gates11-50USAFunding Gates provides credit screening, monitoring and collection tools for SMBs
Futurelytics1-10Czech RepMaximize customer loyalty and revenue. automation platform for e-commerce.
Gatekeeper1-10CanadaThe world’s leading AI driven all-in-one Contract Management
GatherContent11-50UKGatherContent is the organised alternative to a cocktail of office tools. Saving you time, money and content headaches.
Gear Stream11-50USALearn how to hack your company’s human
networks for agility and radically improved
product innovation.
Geckoboard43 employeesUKOur vision is to help teams be more honest and effective by using data to set clear goals and easily share progress toward them.
General Assembly11-50USAGet ahead with expert-led training in coding, data, design, digital marketing, and more — on campus and online.
Genesis Digital    
Genuitec51-200USAMakers of the award winning MyEclipse technology suite for Java EE application development
GetFileCloud1-10USAOrganize enterprise information and make it universally accessible
GetIncredibles1-10USAA Marketplace in the AR/VR, Games, Healthtech, Fintech, IoT and Edutainment domains to build teams of Incredibles who get along like a house on fire!
Ghost1-10SingaporeGhost is an open source publishing platform which is beautifully designed, easy to use, and free for everyone.
Giant Swarm11-50GermanySmart teams drive high-velocity innovation with cloud-native applications powered by Giant Swarm.
GigaOM51-200USATechnology news, trends and analysis covering mobile, big data, cloud, science, energy and media.
GigSalad11-50USAThe best way to book talent for your events. From birthday parties to weddings, we’ll help you book the perfect talent for any occasion.
Ginger.io25 – 100 provides members with a simple, affordable and discreet way to get emotional support. Through the app, they can begin chatting with an emotional health coach in less than 60 seconds. Backed by clinical data and powered by AI, members’ care is coordinated across high-quality coaches, therapists and psychiatrists. Our AI technology has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer, and we were recognized as one of the top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Healthcare by Fast Company. Hundreds of thousands of people have access to’s virtual coaches, therapists and psychiatrists.
Gitbook1-10USAGitBook is where you create, write and organize documentation and books with your team.
GitHub201-500USAThe best place to build and share code.
GitLab201-500USAGitLab is a single application for the entire software development lifecycle. From project planning and source code management to CI/CD, monitoring, and security.
GlueNetworks11-50USAPioneering the first intelligent automation engine and suite of networking applications
Go Fish Digita11-50USASpecializing in Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, …
GoDaddy1,000-8,000USAGoDaddy powers the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures.
GrabCAD11-50USADesign great products faster with free CAD collaboration, world’s largest community of mechanical engineers.
GrantStreet51-200USASoftware at your service.
Grasswire11-50USAThe most important news in the world curated and fact-checked by you.
Graylog11-50USAGraylog is the leading open source log management platform.
Groove11-50USASee why 3000+ businesses have made the switch to the world’s simplest help desk.
Growth Machine11-50USASEO-focused content marketing with proven results
GuardTime51-200EstoniaData-Centric Security.
Harvest11-50USASimple time tracking, fast online invoicing, and powerful reporting software.
Healthfinch11-50USAWe build care redesign apps that alleviate burdensome tasks,
Heap11-50USAanalyze data instantly and retroactively. No shipping code.
Help Desk MIgration11-50 Automated help desk data migration
Help Scout11-50USAWe aim to build an incredible experience for ordering custom products.
Heroku201-500USAPaaS that enables developers to build and run applications entirely in the cloud
Herox11-50 HeroX is a two-sided crowdsourcing marketplace that brings together innovators and problem-solvers.
Hippo Education11-50USAA new-school web based medical education company specializing in exceptional content and entertaining delivery
Hitlist1-10USALet us know what you’re interested in & we’ll bring the best options to you
Honeybadger1-10USADiagnose and fix application errors, faster.
HostPapa100-200CanadaHostPapa is a web technology company located in Burlington, Canada that specializes in website hosting and email services
HotJar50-100MaltaThe fast & visual way to understand your users. Everything your team needs to uncover insights
and make the right changes
Hubspot51-200USAHubSpot – Saas for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service.
Hubstaff1-10USAtime tracking software with screenshots and activity levels.
Hudl201-500USATools for coaches and athletes to review game footage to improve team play
Human1-10USAHuman is a free all-day activity tracker
11-50USAE-commerce startup offering nootropics or cognitive supplements
IBM5,000-10,000 Technology and innovation leader
ICUC501-1000CanadaSocial media management services company delivering content moderation, community management..
Igalia11-50SpainOpen source consultancy specialized in the development of innovative projects and solutions.
Import21-10USASimple, easy-to-use data import tool that helps you move business or personal data between online services
Incsub11-50USAWe are behind WordPress projects WPMU DEV and Edublogs
Inpsyde GmbH11-50USAInpsyde has developed enterprise solutions with the world’s most popular open-source CMS since it was a kitten
Inspired HR1-10USAOffers Human Capital solutions that provide the greatest impact on workplace productivity, employee engagement & risk mitigation
Intuit51- 200USAIntuti is a business and financial software company that develops and sells financial, accounting, and tax preparation software. Their mission is powering prosperity around the world.
InVision201-500USAThe digital product design platform powering the world’s best user experiences
Jackson River11-50USAA Next Generation Digital Engagement Platform – Springboard – Fundraising.
Jaumo11-50GermanyWe Connect People FOR FUN. FOR LOVE. FOR LIFE.
Jungle Scout51-200USAJungle Scout is an all-in-one platform for Amazon sellers. We provide entrepreneurs with the tools, data and knowledge they need to build successful businesses selling on Amazon. We have a team of 130+ across 3 offices (Austin, Vancouver, Shenzhen) and remote across the globe.
Kalypso LP201-500USAGlobal innovation consulting firm. We work with organizations to deliver better results from innovation
Kaplan5K – 10KUSAPreparing millions of students for 120+ tests
Khan Academy51-200USAKhan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.
KissMetrics51-200USAKissmetrics is a revolutionary person-based analytics platform for your whole team.
Later11-50CanadaLater helps streamline your social media strategy so you can set yourself up for more sales and success.
LaterPay11-50GermanyLetting merchants sell digital content for micropayments
Launch Potato11-50USAStartup studio leveraging data, science and fund to build awesome, profitable digital companies.
Librato11-50USACollect, store, and visualize any metrics in minutes.
Linaro201-500USANot-for-profit engineering organization consolidating and optimizing open source Linux software
Lincoln Loop1-10USAFull service web studio offering user experience and development based on the Django Web Framework.
Lionbridge1K – 5KUSASince our founding in 1996, we’ve been passionate about spreading messages to the world with humanity, energy and fidelity.
Liquid USA 
Litmus11-50USALitmus makes it easy to build, test, and monitor every email for the best results.
Litocorp1-10 We build dual-use technology for DOD and civilian applications, such as tactical supercomputers & suicide prevention networking technology.
Logmein501-1000USAGet In and go with remote access from LogMeIn
Loom11-50USAA new kind of work communication tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable videos.
LoveToKnow51-200USAProvides expert advice on the topics you need.
Lullabot51-200USAWe’re an interactive strategy, design, and development company. We create delightful experiences using Drupal and open source technologies.
Manasara11-50 Manasara focuses on our clients’ critical issues, strategy, marketing, transformation, digital, analytics, and corporate finance.
Mango Languages11-50USAWe believe in enriching lives with languages and culture. And we like to have fun. Let’s get to know each other, shall we?
Mapbox51-200USAMap integration tools for various platforms.
MarkIT.eu51-200EstoniaMarkIT is an online IT purchasing system for companies.
MatterMost11-50USAMattermost is a flexible, open source messaging platform that meets even the most demanding privacy and security standards.
Mcbeard Media51-200USAteam of copywriters and designers creating the social media content that great brands share
MCF Technology Solutions51-200USAMCF Technology Solutions (MCFTech) delivers Services, Strategy, and Products to business customers worldwide
Medko1-10ChileExpats, travelers, and people considering medical tourism come to Medko to connect with quality, English-speaking doctors around the world.
MedSec11-50USAMedSec is the leading vulnerability research and security solutions provider for healthcare manufacturers, vendors, and providers
Meet Edgar1-10USAWe created Edgar in 2014 so that professionals could manage their social media with more consistency and in less time.
Metal11-50USAWe’re here to do the best work of our lives and reimagine money along the way. Metal Pay is the only app that rewards customers when they send money to friends. Each time someone sends or receive money, they can receive a reward of up to 5% of the transaction value in MTL.
MetaLab11-50USAWe make interfaces.
Metamaterial Technologies11-50CanadaMTI’s technology solves the world’s most challenging problems in optics
Meteor500-1KUSAMeteor is a complete platform for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript.
Midokura51-200JapanEnterprise Network Virtualization that works
Mobilunity201-500 Mobilunity is the Ukrainian outstaffing company, founded in 2010.
We provide offshore and nearshore development teams remotely. For different kinds of projects we build dedicated development teams and create unique and high-tech IT solutions. Our development teams work as a department of our office and clients can manage them and get in touch any time they want. Mobilunity solves all work issues such as recruitment, employee registration, HRM, also gives administrative support during all co-working.
Modern Tribe51-200USAModern Tribe manages teams that design and build software for Fortune 500 companies, governments, educational institutions, and well-funded startups. We are the next generation of digital agency.
Mokriya11-50USACrafting Smart, beautiful software for mobile, IoT, and beyond.
Molimur ( The whiteboard that matches how we work today
Moo.do1-10USAthe best and easiest way to organize everything in your life: projects, to-do lists, appointments, contacts …
MotorLot1-10USAGet your auto dealer management software guaranteed to drive sales
Mozilla5k – 10KUSAMozilla makes browsers, apps, code and tools that put people before profit. Our mission: Keep the internet open and accessible to all.
MyOnlineSchool1-10USALearning with the experts. Providing certified online courses, taught by bestselling authors.
MySQL201-500USAThe software’s official homepage with news, downloads and documentation.
Native English Institute 11-50USANEI is for anyone ages 12 and up who is serious about conversational fluency and wants to learn English that sounds natural.
NerdWallet51-200USANerdWallet provides financial education and empowerment via online tools, research and experts to help people lead better lives.
Netlify11-50USANetlify builds, deploys and host static websites and apps
Next Big Sound11-50USAAnalytics and Insights for the Music Industry.
NinjaCat1-10USAGenerating client reports, setting up call tracking, monitoring budgets and managing campaigns all while trying to grow your business can be overwhelming
NodeSource11-50USANode.js Support, Training and Consulting for the Enterprise, Worldwide.
NodeSWAT1-10EstoniaOur software takes your business to a new level.
Occipital 11-50USABridge allows for 6-DoF tracking, real world physics interactions, shadows and occlusions – all on an iPhone.
Oh My George1-10Thailanda CandyCrush-style financial trading platform
Olark11-50USAOver 10000 companies rely on Olark live chat to answer customers
Olo101-250USAOlo is a mobile and online food ordering platform that allows customers to order food from online menus and prepay from their mobile or desktop device.
Olo51-200USAOur mission, the same as it was when we started in 2005: give customers better, faster, and more personal service from the restaurants they love.
Olo100-200USAOlo is a mobile and online food ordering platform that allows customers to order food from online menus and prepay from their mobile or desktop device.
OnTheGoSystems51-200HKWe are the makers of WPML the famous WordPress Multilingual plugin
OpenCraf11-50USAOpenCraft sets up an instance to allow you to host your MOOC on your own terms.
Openly11-50USAPremium and exclusive home insurance
Origin Eight11-50USAOrigin Eight is dedicated to the artful integration of usable design & technology for world-class web and app development.
OutdoorPlay.com11 – 50USAWe sell equipment for those who love the outdoors!
Overleaf11-50United KingdomThe easy to use, online, collaborative LaTeX editor
Pagely11-50USAWe provide reliable Managed WordPress Hosting for high-demand sites. With tierless support, experienced devops, and a customizable tech stack, we’ve created the ultimate hosting solution for growing businesses.
ParcelBright1-10UKoffers low UK & International parcel delivery rates with an easy booking system
Parsable11-50USAHelps the world’s largest industrial companies get jobs done right every time. partners with digital publishers to provide clear audience insights through an intuitive analytics platform.
Particular Software11-50IsraelThe Particular Service Platform brings powerful capabilities to your application lifecycle.
Patients Know Best11-50UKPatient-controlled medical records.
Paylocity1001-5000USAElevate the profession of Payroll and Human Resources out of the backroom and into the boardroom – where it belongs.
PeopleG251-200USARisk Management solutions specialized for the Human Capital world
Percona51-200USAPercona is a leader in providing best-of-breed enterprise-class support, consulting, managed services, training and software for MySQL®, MariaDB®, MongoDB®, PostgreSQL® and other open source databases in on-premises and cloud environments.
Percona201-500USAPercona is a leader in providing best-of-breed enterprise-class support, consulting, managed services, training and software for MySQL®, MariaDB®, MongoDB®, PostgreSQL® and other open source databases in on-premises and cloud environments.
PhishMe201-500 Security Behavior Management
Piktochart56 employeesMalaysiaa simple, intuitive tool that helps you and your team tell stories with the visual impact they deserve.
Pipedrive51-200USASales pipeline software that gets you organized.
Pivotal Labs1001-5000USAPivotal Labs delivers results in mobile like no one else in their business
Planet200-500USAUsing space to help life on earth.
Planet OS11-50USADesigned to streamline complex data workflows
Platejoy11-50USAGet personalized meal plans and fast recipes designed to fit your lifestyle
Protocol Labs11-50USAProtocol Labs is a research, development, and deployment institution for improving Internet technology. We create software systems that tackle significant challenges.
QASource1K – 5K QASource is an independent quality assurance and testing company that meets the objectives and schedules of its clients by optimizing their QA efforts. We deliver effective, customized testing solutions at significant cost savings with our expertise in performing functional testing of applications, performance, load and stress testing of enterprise.
Qeepsake11-50USASave and cherish the memories that matter. Helping parents capture, preserve, and cherish daily memories
Qualio12 employeesIrelandWe help teams bring high-quality, life-saving products to market.

Rainforest QA11-50USARainforest QA is an on-demand QA solution. Discover problems that affect the customer experience before code hits production, and do it at the speed of continuous delivery.
Regroup11-50USASimple, Effective Mass Communication: Regroup connectes you with the people you care about to keep them safe and informed– anytime, anywhere.
Relokia11-50 Help desk data migration and customization
Remote Year100-200USAAllows people to travel the world while working remotely
Resonanz Group1-10SwitzerlandThe RESONANZ Group is a Swiss-based company that creates value through innovation and the use of emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Robinhood501 – 1000USARobinhood Markets, Inc. is a U.S.-based financial services company headquartered in Menlo Park, California. The company offers a mobile app and website that offer people the ability to invest in stocks, ETFs, and options through Robinhood Financial and crypto trading through Robinhood Crypto
Salto11-50 Salto is supporting startup growth by connecting them with top experts in marketing, sales, fundraising, product and more
Scopic201 – 500USAScopic is the world’s largest virtual company. Founded in 2006, we have grown consistently by delivering innovative, cutting-edge software products for our clients and creating an empowering environment for our employees.

We build advanced software for clients and users around the globe. With 10+ years in the industry and 1000+ projects under our belt, we’ve developed software for Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Fintech, Healthcare, Food and Fitness, and Gaming. Check out our development work on our portfolio:
ScrapingHub51-200 employeesIrelandWe’re on a mission to enable our customers – businesses and developers to extract the data they need to continue to innovate and grow their businesses.
Seat Geek371 employeesUSAis a ticket search engine that makes finding tickets to live entertainment a cinch. We search dozens of the biggest ticket sites and present the results all in one place.
Sēkr1-10USAFind free campsires, facilities, gatherings and people nearby.
Sellfy11-50LithuaniaSellfy allows creators of ebooks, comics, design assets, music, video or any type of digital file to sell their goods by opening a beautiful storefront on Sellfy
Seotek20-50UKWe have been designing and building websites and apps for over ten years and can build you and your business both the website and marketing strategy to be successful online. If you are wanting to get a website and generate more business via SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media then simply call on SEOtek today.
ShakaCode11-50USAWe build custom web & mobile applications, with Rails, React, and Swift.
Shopify1,001-5,000 employeesCanadaWhether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.
Site Impact51-200USASite Impact specializes in multi-channel direct marketing services. With Site Impact, you can except higher click-through rates, additional traffic to your website
Sked Social11-50USAFrom entrepreneurs to agency teams of all sizes, Sked Social works for everyone. If it takes a village, that’s a-ok. Whether you’re an upstart e-Commerce brand or a big media company, choose a pricing plan that fits best and work your collective magic in one place.
Skillshare51-200USASkillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, tech, and more.
Steinn Labs11 – 50IndiaWe build simple products that do complex stuff.
StickerMule11-50USAWe aim to build an incredible experience for ordering custom products.
Stride11-50USAStride provides timely, accurate and actionable bookkeeping and accounting, HR administration, and strategic advisory services. When it all just works, you’re free to focus on what moves your business forward.
Supporting Strategies51-200 employeesUSAYou’re an experienced bookkeeping or accounting professional. You have a successful track record, and your employers or clients swear by you. Now, though, you’re ready for a different type of opportunity. One that doesn’t require a long commute or the daily 9-to-5 in an office.
Sweet Fish Media10-50USASweet Fish Media, a podcast production service for B2B companie
Sykes10,0001+ employeesUSA – Tampa FloridaCustomer Service and Engagement
Symba1-11USASymba is a comprehensive internship management platform that helps organizations manage the logistics of an internship program
TaxJar11-50USATaxJar is the leading technology solution for busy eCommerce sellers to manage sales tax.
TCK Publishing11-50USAOur mission is to help our authors earn a full-time income from royalties. We do this by creating a comprehensive publishing and marketing strategy unique to each book and each author.
TeamSnap51-200USAThe easiest way to manage your team or sports organization
TED51-200USATED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less).
Teleport1-10USAhelps knowledge workers find the best place to be.
Tessitura Network51-200USAThe community and learning website for the members of the Tessitura Network
Testlio11-50USAA test case management service that tests your app against a community of expert software testers
The Adventure Junkies50-100USAOur mission is to make the outdoors accessible to everyone in order to inspire people to value, understand and protect ​our planet’s ecosystems.
The Cheat Sheet51-200USAThe largest & most comprehensive modern man’s premium lifestyle site.
The wanderers11 – 50Indiatravel and toursim
ThirdPath Institute1-10USADestination for anyone looking for a third path to create time for work and for life
Time Doctor11-50AustraliaTime Doctor is the leading time tracking tool
TNTP201-500USAWe help school systems achieve their goals for students.
Toggl11-50EstoniaToggl is a leading online time tracking tool, which is extremely popular among freelancers, consultants, and small companies
Toptal1K – 5KUSAHire the top 3% of freelance developers, designers, and other tech talent
Tortuga Backpacks1-10USAWe help people live on their own terms by making gear for urban travel.
Tot Squad1-11USAMarketplace connecting new & expecting parents with health, wellness & safety providers (doulas, babyproofers, etc)
Trafilea Montevideo, Uruguay.Trafilea is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce ecosystems in the world, building strong communities and transformative brands online.
Traity11-50USATraity, the Reputation Standard.
201-500 employees
 Transfer money abroad easily and quickly with our low cost money transfers.
Treehouse51-200USABrings affordable technology education to people everywhere in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.
Trello51-200USATrello is the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything, trusted by millions of people from all over the world.
Triposo11-50GermanyThe smart travel guide.
Trust and Will11-50USATrust & Will is an online service providing legal forms and information. We are not a law firm and are not a substitute for a lawyer’s advice about complex estate planning.
Trusted Health51-200USAWe are a team of nurses and innovators that are reimagining how healthcare staffing works.
TTEC1k – 10KUSAHumanizing Digital + Digitally Enabling Humans.
Tutuka1-50South AfricaWe’re the world’s first and only prepaid processor of mobile companion cards for telcos and mobile wallets.
Tutuka30-50South AfricaTutuka is a global payments enabler. We make payments happen by enabling our clients’ customers to pay with Mastercard, Visa or Union Pay cards and products. Often for the very first time.
Twilio201-500USATwilio powers the future of business communications. Enabling phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software.
Twin Technologies201-500USAWe are technology consultants that help competitive enterprises achieve digital transformation.
Unbounce51-200CanadaLets marketers build, publish and test landing pages without IT or software.
UniversalMind51-200USASpecializes in creating digital experiences that simplify people’s lives.
Upsource11-50USAWe help small law firms stay relevant and competitive in the ever-changing digital world.
UpWorthy51-200USAUpworthy is on a mission to change what the world pays attention to
Urgently1-10USARoadside Assistance and Towing Services
Userbin1-10Swedenanalyzes browsing habits, UI interaction, device characteristics, and geolocation to ensure it matches the behavior of your legitimate users
UserTesting201-500USAGet videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use websites
Ustream51-200USAHD streaming video to all devices, worldwide.
Utor51 – 200UkraineSoftware testing company
Vervoe1-10AustraliaVervoe is your online #hiring assistant.
vidIQ11-50USAvidIQ helps YouTube creators and brands get more views and save time.
Vinted51-200LithuaniaVinted is a peer-to-peer marketplace to sell, buy and swap clothes.
Virtual Law Partners11-50USAThe law firm with the right model, and lawyers with the right skills, to help your busines
Vortala11-50USAHelp healthcare practices attract and retain more new patients using the Internet.
Water Lily Pond1-10UKWater Lily Pond is a global brand communications agency partner
WebFX11-50USAWe’re a Results-Driven Internet Marketing Agency
WebFX11-50USAWebFX is a full-service Internet marketing, web design, and web development agency offering integrated web solutions for businesses around the world.
When I Work51-200USASimple employee scheduling software and online time clock with free scheduling apps and time clock apps. Send mobile alerts to your staff about their shifts.
Workfrom1-10USADiscover places to work from.
X-Team51-200USAX-Team helps companies scale their development teams by providing them with motivated teams of developers from around the world.
Xmetryx1-11USAKeep Remote Teams Thriving With TrustMetryx™.The best performing remote teams use TrustMetryx to create healthy, trusting relationships that energize and inspire people to peak performance.
Yammer201-500USAYammer is a leading enterprise social network for businesses to get work done smarter and faster.
YouNeedABudget11-50USAPersonal home budget software
YourSports11-50USAYour personalized and very social sports-section.
Zapier51-200USAConnect Your Apps and Automate Workflows
Zemanta11-50SloveniaContent Ads, Amplified & Optimized
ZenCash11-50USAWe get your A/R in order and keep it that way.
ZenDesk1K – 5KUSAZendesk makes better experiences for agents, admins, and customers.
ZeroTurnaround51-200EstoniaCreator of JRebel & XRebel, is committed to making Java more productive by building innovative productivity tools for development teams.
Zerply1-10USAWorld’s top production talent in film, games and VR.

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