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Who is a Pangian?

Pangian is a citizen of the digital supercontinent.

Empowered by the digital revolution and unrestricted by geographic boundaries, we are a borderless digital nation with citizens of the world who value progress, diversity, global opportunity, freedom & flexibility of working remotely!

Pangian Mission

Our mission is to empower every person in the world to contribute their talent, creativity and productivity unrestricted by geographic location and help the next-generation organizations innovate with purpose.

What is
Pangian Remote Network?

From talented marketing experts, graphic designers, writers, project managers, web developers to Ph.Ds and lawyers, we are a dynamic global community of diverse go-getters and problem-solvers on a mission to:

  • deploy our talent
  • drive productivity
  • deliver value

for progressive companies around the world while working remotely.

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What is our community saying?

Marta Kondryn
HR Disrupt

“Just wanted to let you know that yet again I found really amazing people. I posted a month ago about 3 openings, and we’ve hired 1 already and 4 are under review and hopefully we’ll hire them really soon as well. Thank you for creating such a place, the candidates are incredibly intelligent, diverse, open-minded with great skills.”

"We were struggling to find a freelance writer for Happy Scribe. But after only a few days on Pangian, we've received +150 interviews and ended up hiring an A-Class writer. I would strongly recommend Pangian for the quality of their candidates and the smooth process."

“I found an amazing internship opportunity in this group!

Only 2 days after joining too”

–  Valerie Benoit, Social Media Manager & Freelance Writer

Congratulations to our employer Divine Living by Gina DeVee who posted a remote job for Executive Virtual Assistant through Pangian Remote Network and hired an amazing candidate!

Divine Living and Gina DeVee is a renowned global women’s empowerment brand with customers all over the globe and we at Pangian are excited to help them with recruiting top talent.

“We have a great candidate who found us through the Pangian remote network and after extensive interview process of top 11 candidates, we have hired the Pangian candidate! The candidate was the perfect match for our global brand. I breathe so much easier every time I know this network exists.” ~ Vanessa Frontiero, Operations & Growth – Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I love helping people. I traveled for 9 months volunteering around the world. I helped rebuilt houses, I listen to elders stories and I cut grass, the most important part is that I learned a lot. Now, back to Brazil, I decided to find a job that does not take this mobility from me. This was how I found Pangian.

I found a great full-time opportunity right after creating my profile. Applying through Pangian was easy. The website already has most of my relevant experience. After replying to a few questions I got invited for a video interview and got the job. Now, I’m a full-time Customer Support Agent. The best part is buying a one-way ticket and not worry about getting back.

~ Anderson Marques

The hiring process through Pangian has been seamless!

Their team let me know that my first job posting generated over 600 job posting clicks within the first day. I received about a dozen high-quality applicants with 3 of them being invited to our final interview process.

I just posted my second remote job opening! Pangian remote network is quickly becoming my go-to for high-quality, diverse talent when hiring.”

~ Sunni VonMutius, Yoga Well Institute

Congratulations to Hana!

She just got hired for a remote job at Scott’s Cheap Flights through our remote network!

Hana is a writer. Check out her portfolio at Hana La Rock Writing and her journey of becoming location independent here.

Congratulations to Kareemah. She has been an amazing member of our community and just got a job offer from one of our employers. 100% remote – Social Media Manager.

Kareemah is also a blogger. Check out her last piece: How 100+ job rejections helped this Millennial land her dream remote job.


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