From Communism to Paradise: How She Travels The World & Works Remotely

From Communism to Paradise: How She Travels The World & Works Remotely 


Maria Miranda started working remotely in 2010 when she got her first opportunity to write a blog post after graduating college.

Fun fact: She hadn’t read a single blog before then. 

Now, she is living all over the world in places like NYC, Switzerland, Uruguay, France, & Brazil.

She currently works remotely as a copywriter for vegan protein brand and as a digital marketer and strategist for a spa brand.

Maria is passionate about sustainable living, travel, & personal development, so she is always keeping an eye out for opportunities where she can make a difference in those areas.

“Being a remote executive has allowed me to live the dreams that I never thought were truly possible for me”

Maria is definitely a true Pangian, and her journey to get to where she is now has required endurance, determination, and resilience.


Maria, your story is incredible and motivating, but how did you achieve this kind of life?


“I come from a torn country, politically divided, socially unsafe and economically destroyed.

I’m Venezuelan and…that part is not the whole story but it changes everything. Venezuela is a communist country with many hardships and challenges that range from lack of running water to constant protests on the streets

At age 11 I already knew Venezuela was not the place for me.” 

Maria knew she would have to make great strides in her mission to leave Venezuela. She knew what it would take to get what she wanted out of her life, and she made it happen.

“I started working in the marketing world before I finished college.

A year after graduating from Mass Media & Communications, I jumped at the opportunity to work remotely for the brand new online marketing world. 

I got my first job writing a blog post in 2010. I was hired on the spot as a ghostwriter and I never looked back, I have since found steady remote positions for companies and lots of freelance work.

I like to take multiple ongoing projects at the same time to ensure financial stability because things in this business move fast.

Shortly thereafter I was blessed with the opportunity to work remotely for a Panamanian startup. That was the gateway to this beautiful world of slow travel, marketing and storytelling!

I’ve since helped several companies build their own brand stories. I’m here to continue living my passion, telling stories and connecting people with things they love through engaging content they can’t pass up.”


What an amazing story, Maria! We are so happy for you. Before we go, what are some interesting facts about you?


“You can find me on Instagram as @mirandawanders and this December I’ll be launching as @joypursuit.”

“Home is wherever the WiFi is and to be honest, I love it!”

“I am an absolute nerd.”

“I can make a Harry Potter reference out of everything!”