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Marta Kondryn
HR Disrupt

“I found really amazing people. I posted 3 openings, and we’ve hired 1 already and 4 are under review. Thank you for creating such a place, the candidates are incredibly intelligent, diverse, open-minded with great skills.”

“I love helping people and traveled for 9 months volunteering around the world.  Now, back to Brazil, thanks to Pangian I found a great full-time Customer Service Representative role working remotely, which allows me to be fully location independent.”

Vanessa Frontiero
Operations & Growth

“We shared our open position and hired the Pangian candidate! The candidate was the perfect match for our global brand. I breathe so much easier every time I know this network exists.”

“We were struggling to find a freelance writer for Happy Scribe. But after only a few days on Pangian, we’ve received +150 interviews and ended up hiring an A-Class writer. I would strongly recommend Pangian for the quality of their candidates and the smooth process.”

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