Top 30 Best Writing Courses for Bloggers and Content Writers Working Remotely

Top 30 Best Writing Courses for Bloggers and Content Writers Working Remotely


By Summer Paulus


If you’re like me, you can’t envision doing anything else than to be seated at a desk and writing your heart out.

However, while you have typed your soul out on that keyboard, making magic with words, you want to step-up your game and look for ways to keep improving your craft.

One option to take your writing to the next level is by enrolling in a writing course and pursuing a professional career working remotely.

But first, what kind of writer are you? If you have already researched writing, chances are there’s a lot out there for you to specialize in, from grant writing to blogging, and it’s easy to overwhelm yourself.

Therefore, it’s important to know what your specialization is in writing. Are you a stern, “no-nonsense” technical writer? A whimsical poet? A romantic author?

Whether you already know your niche in writing or still searching for the writing path that makes you wake up in the morning with excitement, we got you covered. Here is Pangian’s list of courses to get you started towards landing that dream, remote writer job.

Creative Writing

What is creative writing?

Basically, creative writing is the freedom of writing how one wishes. If you enjoy reading poetry, romance novels or even song lyrics, you were experiencing the work of a creative mind.

Creative writing is emotionally driven, thought-provoking or induces feelings in the writer and readers and can range from reviewing video games to writing scripts for TV shows.


What is blogging?

Blogging is daily writing, similar to writing in a diary. However, besides writing about the events of the day or jotting down thoughts, blogging covers a variety of topics, such as events or hobbies, and is written with an audience in mind.

SEO Writing

What is SEO?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is how “searchable” your written content is. If you want to optimize your website’s content, you must incorporate SEOs into your writing by using keyphrases so it appears higher up in a search engine and gain more views.

User Experience Writing

What is UX Writing?

A UX Writer creates short, concise content to help users use products and complete tasks online or within an application. UX Writer’s are vital to companies wishing to help their customers traverse their content, and it’s your job to assist them in that endeavor, providing them a helping hand along the way.

  • UX Writing Hub (free) – This is a course on user experience writing that covers the basics. However, if you wish to receive advanced training, you have to pay to unlock more features. After working through the basics of this course myself, I highly recommend UX Writing Hub to begin your journey into UX Writing.
  • UX Writing Course from Be Designer ($1,500) – Earn a certification in user experience writing by getting one-on-one mentorship, creating your very own project and preparing a portfolio. The downside is you have to pay a large sum to enroll in the certification program.

  • Daily UX Writing Course (free for 15 days) – Learn the basics of user experience writing by receiving lessons in your email.


What is Copywriting?

A copywriter writes content, known as “copy,” that advertises or markets a company to its customers. Essentially, you’re a “seller” of words by writing letters, emails or advertisements, between the corporations and the clientele to sell a product or idea.

  • Hubspot Academy Course on Content Marketing (free certification course) – Offering lessons, quizzes and instructional videos on copywriting that takes as little as 5 hours to complete.

  • Skillshare Copywriting Course (requires a premium membership, offers 1 month of free access) – A course to get your feet wet in copywriting, with customized classes to fit your personal preferences, a variety of assignments to flesh-out your portfolio and interact with an engaging community.

  • Udemy’s Copywriting Secrets  – Udemy offers a large scope of lessons to become a master at copywriting in lessons tailored to beginners, written by copywriters in the industry.

Technical & Business Writing

What is Technical Writing?

A technical writer is professional, informative and concrete in their writing. Ultimately, a technical writer translates difficult concepts so it can be read by anyone, writing business proposals/grants or writing manuals for products.

  • Technical Writing Course from Moscow Institute (free, Intermediate Course) – Offering flexible schedules that you can work around your life, Coursera can give you the “leg-up” you need if you want to advance your technical writing skills.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology Course (free undergraduate course) – MIT offers a free course on technical writing with assignments, resources and assigned readings to get yourself started on becoming a technical writer.

  • Oregon State University Course ($425) – Learn how to outline technical documents using concise language, word usage and visuals in an online course. Before you know it, you will be able to write your own reports or manuals in as little as 4 weeks.

  • Coursera’s University of Colorado Boulder “Business Writing” Course (free/audit) – Providing a basic understanding of business writing, graphic design and tips to present your info effectively to your team. Google’s course is a great way to start writing for businesses.

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