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His girlfriend told him about Pangian. Now he works remotely from Vietnam.

His girlfriend told him about Pangian. Now he works remotely from Vietnam


I worked in a location dependant high stress sales job for a few years after finishing university.

As a result, I decided to follow my heart go traveling for ‘6 months’. 6 months has turned into 16 and counting!

Currently I’m based in Vietnam with plans to travel to Australia, India, and Europe in the next year.

I love having a remote job as it enables me to continue exploring the world, and creates space and context for the growth of my creative projects.

I heard about Pangian from my girlfriend. She had been a subscriber to Pangian remote job newsletter for a couple years and when we were looking for a route back to Asia, she suggested I check it out.

After a few weeks of regularly scanning the site I found an open gig at Sidekick Content and it seemed like a great fit for culture and experience.

Sidekick Content provides high quality translation services and written content for copy and SEO purposes. We’re a distributed team based in Malta.
We take advantage of a network of skilled native speakers and writers to provide our services at an affordable, per word rate.

My advice for seekers of a remote job
: Be diligent and search everyday. When you see something that fits, don’t hesitate. You’re the candidate they’ve been looking for!

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7 thoughts on “His girlfriend told him about Pangian. Now he works remotely from Vietnam.

  1. CONGRATS, THOMAS! You are doing big things with your life. So happy to have you in the Pangian network. These are the kinds of stories we love to share with the community.

  2. Thomas you are true inspiration. You fully took ownership of your life and with persistence you designed it exactly how you wanted it – with full freedom and flexibility. Can’t wait to follow your adventures in Australia, India, and Europe in the next year.

    1. Yes Ubai. It’s truly possible! I’ve been working remotely for 9+ years and cannot imagine my life without it. I noticed you don’t have a picture yet in your profile. If you can please add because profiles without pictures do not show up in “Meet Pantians” so other remote workers and employers cannot connect with you. Hope that helps.

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