PRO – Pangian Pro Subscription is Pending Payment

Pangian PRO Subscription Pending Payment

Hello from Pangian,

If your Pangian PRO subscription is pending payment, you will not be able to access the PRO benefits. This is really simple to fix:

Please use this link to go to the checkout page, complete your payment, and enjoy all the benefits that Pangian PRO has to offer! If you need to change your product please use this link to go to your shopping cart and add or remove the subscription you want.

If the link does not work please follow the steps bellow to complete your payment.

1) From your profile page you have two options:

A. click on the top of the main menu where it says your (User’s Account) Screenshot, then click on (My Account)

Click User's Account

B. From your profile page HERE (on the right side) click on (Your account) Screenshot

Click Your Account

2) Once on your account page, on the left side panel, click on the (Subscriptions) tab. Find the subscription with the (Pending) status on it and click on (View). Screenshot

Subscribtion tab

3) Once on the subscription page, look for the (Related Orders) section and click on (Pay) Screenshot


4) On the payment screen complete the billing details and click on (PROCEED TO PAYPAL)

**To complete your order all steps must be completed. If not the account will remain in pending payment status and the upgrade to Pro will not take place.


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