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I am a highly accomplished, results-driven, performance-focused professional, who has broad-based experience in all aspects of software engineering and development.
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United States Of America
United States Of America
Bachelor's degree
English Literature
Acceptance, Accountability, Adaptability, Altruism, Appreciation, Calm, Collaboration, Concern for Others, Craftsmanship, Exceed Expectations, Fun, Grace, Honesty, Learning, Personal Development
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I began my journey as a software developer as I was working my way through college as a 3rd shift job operator. I quickly became bored with the repetitive nature of the job so I used the resources available to me and automated my job. My supervisor at the time was so delighted he offered me a position in application development - and I've never looked back.

I've had the unique opportunity to work all along the east coast of the United States in demanding industries such as telecommunications, insurance, airline and public safety.

Several years ago, when my wife was hospitalized several times from a contracted lung disorder - we sold our home of 20+ years and moved to an area with the highest air quality and minimal allergians. My supervisor was gracious enough to permit me to work remotely where I successfully did so for many years; receiving awards .

A recent merger and HR policy change rescinded remote employment and although I was offered the opportunity to relocate I chose not to as my wife has only recently fully recovered and obtained normal function.

I am now looking to apply my skills and experience in the freelance and contract area. I would appreciate steady and consistent work but I am willing to take on short contracts. I am an excellent communicator and a great team-player and I love tackling the difficult bits.

I look forward to working with you!

.17 - .Net Core, .NET Framework, Agile Methodologies, Cloud, Critical thinking, Data Analysis, Developer, Enterprise Software, HTML5, JavaFX - JavaScript Frameworks, Mobile 2.0 - Mobile Data Services, Mobile Data Solutions - Mobile Internet, Mobile development, Object Oriented Design - Object-oriented Languages, Project Management, Security, Software engineering, Software Planning - Softwaredesign, Team Leadership, Web architecture and development framework
Developer - Web/Mobile
> 10 Years of experience
> 10 Years of experience
Full-Time, Part-Time, Contract


Founder | Lead Architect                                                                              2018-present

Manage all aspects of the business including legal compliance, proposals and contracts; provides consulting and software services for legacy and new development efforts

CentralSquare Technologies

Senior Software Developer | Lead Architect                                       2001-2019

  • Continued responsibilities of requirements analysis, architecture, design, development, integration and unit testing, security compliance (remediation and advice), installation, technical advisory, support, deployment, demonstrations, migration strategies and execution, installation package builds, release scheduling, continuous integration, testing, documentation, and training
  • Design and develop the architecture, modules and security for a multi-tenant cloud-hosted citizen application, fully ADA compliant
  • Develop cloud-hosted state interface application, which includes transaction processing, a designer application, and a metadata driven user interface (UI) workstation component (COM, .NET, Web)
  • Architect an enterprise cloud-based update solution with auditing capability for the entire company and its product suites.
  • Oversee the technical and legal business aspects including security, requirements analysis, estimates, design, development, support and documentation
  • Role of technical leader in charge of coaching, training, and developing best practices; a technical consultant and liaison across various teams and products such as public safety, public administration, and finance
  • Enhancements on high-profile web applications
  • State forms and transactions developed for Freedom application
  • Advised and developed Node.js state interface emulator for testing and compliance
  • Team leader for multiple public administration projects; utilities and building permit applications (WPF)
  • Design and create a streamlined orchestration service to facilitate secure data exchange across numerous systems and platforms
  • Responsible for integration with SSO server application
  • Created a reliable communication protocol across various wireless IP vendors utilizing UDP;
  • Implementation of an extensible lightweight .NET WPF/PRISM composite client application framework for the integration of public safety product lines
  • Mobile Flash rewrite an application used to promote software updates to remote machines
  • Changes to multiple applications to comply with international export laws
  • Extensible TCP/IP communication engine developed for state and federal communications
  • Advanced analytics, diagnostics and statistical packet analysis performed across numerous wireless vendor networks
  • Ensuring requirements met for NIEM 2.0/3.0 established standards
  • Report Manager rewrite for all Field Reporting applications which leverages up-to-date technologies
  • Mobile and Messaging switch applications maintained and enhanced.
  • Enhanced and maintained Mobile Data Browser, Message Switch, Community Connect (GPS), Field Reporting, Mobile Flash, MCS and IPProxy applications
  • Mobile Data Browser/Visual Framework applications organized, maintained, enhanced; integration with multiple hardware and software vendors (i.e., Barcode scanners, magstripe readers, image-capture etc.)
  • Key Accomplishments:

    • Gained 100% Veracode verification for implementation of cloud-based applications in June 2018, the first in company history.
    • Innovation Award received for major contributions in new product development