GONE WILDlife in Australia


GONE WILDlife in Australia

When thinking about Australia, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? White-sand beaches, surfing, Crocodile Dundee, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman? Undoubtedly, Australia is full of wonder. From famous Aussies to fascinating landscapes of the Great Barrier Reef, Outback, sunny beaches of Gold Coast and unforgettable city lights of Sydney or Melbourne, Australia will sweep you off your feet to the fascinating world Down Under. Yet, when it comes to the ultimate Australian experience, there is nothing that compares to a cuddle with a few special locals. Simply said, a visit to the Aussie land wouldn’t be complete without cuddling a furry koala, hand-feeding a kangaroo, playing around with wallabies and watching mini penguins waddle. The great news is, you don’t have to travel the Australian continent far and wide to get up close and personal with the cutest natives you will ever find. Many are surprised to find out, that less than an hour from Sydney, en route to the famous Blue Mountains, hiding in a small town of Doonside near Blacktown is an unforgettable hands-on animal experience called Featherdale Wildlife Park! Australia-Sydney-Featherdale-Kangaroo-Koala-Wildlife-TravelMe.World50 Featherdale is not like anything you have ever encountered. It is definitely not a zoo where you can observe animals. It is more like an Australian animal hangout, where you are invited to come over, have a picnic in a park, walk around and play with friendly locals. From kangaroos, to their cousins wallabies, koalas, wombats and even a Tasmanian Devil, Featherdale offers an unforgettable camaraderie that is a sure way to make your vacation one of a kind. But that’s not all. How about a huge crocodile, little penguin or even a goat that thinks she is your pet and just follows you everywhere you go? While, some animals, such as the almighty crocodile, are safely separated so you don’t became an afternoon dinner, the more friendly locals like wallabies are happily roaming around and will definitely come over to check you out. So when planning a visit to Featherdale, make sure to reserve at least half a day if not an entire day for this experience. Pack your lunch and snacks as there are plenty of picnic areas within the park where you can comfortably settle with the entire family for a delicious meal while being surrounded by the Australian bush wildlife. So, are you ready? Let’s do this!

Cuddle up to koala!


Hand-feed kangaroos and wallabies!



Check out the saltwater crocodile!


 Play with the goat that thinks she is your pet!

Australia-Sydney-Featherdale-Kangaroo-Koala-Wildlife8-TravelMe.World Australia-Sydney-Featherdale-Kangaroo-Koala-Wildlife-TravelMe.World

 Check out the Little Penguin!


How to get there Featherdale Wildlife Park is located less than 1 hour from Sydney in a small town of Doonside. You can easily get there by public transportation or via car. Public Transport
  1. From Sydney, Central Station, take train (the North Shore and Western line) to Blacktown Station. The train takes about 45 minutes.
  2. Exit on Blacktown Station, and right away on the left hand side of the exit, you will see a bus station. Head to bus stand number 9.
  3. Take bus number 729 for a 10-15 minute ride, which will drop you right outside Featherdale’s gates. 
For train and bus timetable information, please click http://www.transportnsw.info/ By Car: If you are using GPS, just enter Featherdale’s address: 217-229 Kildare Road, Doonside, NSW. Or follow the driving directions provided by Featherdale Wildlife Park.   What should I bring? Reserve most of the day for this experience. It will be totally worth it! Pack your lunch and snacks and use the picnic areas in the park for a great outdoor dining. Do not bring any food for animals as they can only be fed with specific, park’s approved meals. For a small donation, the animal food portions are available at any place in the park, so bring few coins. Also, since Sydney is a land of sun and rain (which can happen all at the same time), definitely bring a sunscreen and a rain coat or an umbrella. The park includes bathroom facilities and water fountains, so no need to carry lots of refreshments.