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Backroads, the world’s #1 active travel company, is seeking seasonal Trip Leaders to lead and support our award-winning biking, hiking and multisport vacations in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world. Our leaders enrich each trip with their personality and passion for travel and the outdoors, while providing outstanding customer service and sharing their love and knowledge of the area. We are currently seeking multilingual candidates. What is the Trip Leader position? This is the job you’re imagining when you fill out your application. There is no “typical” day. Although there is a plan for each day, each day is unique. Surprises, challenges and opportunities come up all the time. There are, however, many principles and routines that guests expect when traveling with Backroads. For many, the nimble combination of stability and flexibility is what keeps them traveling with Backroads time and time again. The day often begins early in the morning. It’s up to you and your co-leader(s) to set the stage for a great day: tuning bikes, loading luggage, cleaning vans, preparing snacks and the day’s lunch. Each morning leaders will rotate being on the “early shift” while the other leader enjoys breakfast and some solo-time before the day gets going.
  • Just as you finish your preparations, it’s time to start the day’s activity, beginning with route talks and safety tips.
  • Regardless of the activity, at least one leader will participate with the guests, providing route support. Another leader will provide support in the van, taking care of guest needs, perhaps preparing a picnic lunch, transferring luggage and attending to logistical details as needed. Throughout the week, leaders rotate these roles.
  • There will almost always be two or three Trip Leaders assigned to each trip. Camping Trips also have a Camp Chef and Camp Assistant who work behind the scenes with the Leader team. On top of that, Biking Trips have an additional Support Leader assigned to assist with logistics and shuttling during many days of the week.
  • In the evening, you may share a meal with your guests. It may be a gourmet meal prepared by your Camp Chef on a Camping Trip or at a fine restaurant if you are leading an Inn trip. After dinner it might be back to the van, trailer and bikes to tie up any loose ends, or sitting by the campfire. Naturally exhausted, you will fall into bed, to rest up for whatever tomorrow may bring.

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What is the timeline for Hiring and Training?
  • Our application will be open through Spring of 2017 for all roles including the Trip Leader position.
  • After submitting a written application, which also includes a video portion, to advance in the hiring process, we’ll contact you for a Skype video interview.
  • The final stage of the hiring process is a Leader Hiring Event. This is a group interview scenario in which you choose one of the available dates in select cities around the world to attend.
What are the compensation and benefits for a Field position with Backroads? Backroads’ compensation and benefits package absolutely sets the standard in the active travel industry. Our leaders are hired as employees of Backroads which entitles them to benefits that are not provided by companies that pay leaders as independent contractors. On top of the most generous base pay rates in the industry, Backroads leaders receive a significant portion of their compensation in gratuities from guests. Our industry leading position and higher average number of guests per trip translates into tips that usually double and occasionally triple a first year leader’s per trip income. On top of this, our many perks and benefits minimize out-of-pocket costs so saving money for now and the future is a reality. Some benefits include lodging. Lodging Lodging is provided while Leaders are on trips, either in hotels or at campsites depending on the trip type. Housing is also provided between trips, so Backroads field staff will not incur any out of pocket expenses for lodging during the entire season. Many of our regions worldwide have “leader houses” in wonderful places that are available to all Field Staff free of charge while working, and in between trips. In Europe: Tuscany, Puglia, Provence, Loire Valley, Dordogne, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland, Switzerland. In the USA: Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Anacortes, Washington; Portland, Maine; Whitefish, Montana; Berkeley, California; Stowe, Vermont; Anchorage, Alaska; St. George, Utah; In Canada: Outside Banff, Nova Scotia, Québec. And other international locales such as: Wanaka, New Zealand; San José, Costa Rica. Standard with these accommodations are computers, wireless internet and access to bikes for personal use. More information to help you make an informed decision about whether or not being a Backroads trip leader is the right job for you can be found on our website: Backroads Leader – Compensation and Benefits and during the Skype Interview stage of our Hiring process. Please click below for more information about this exciting opportunity and lifestyle, meet a few of our leaders and to apply. Jobs-Remote-Travel-View-&-Apply-TravelMe.World Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save