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I'm a support pro who's looking to use my skills in support, start ups and remote working to get a great role within a great company. I'm empathetic, passionate and I pride myself on giving my all.
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United States Of America
United States Of America
Some College
Above and Beyond, Acceptance, Accountability, Adaptability, Attention to Detail, Communication, Compassion, Concern for Others, Continuous Improvement, Empathy, Passion, Teamwork, Transparency, Trustworthy, Work/Life Balance
Bicycling, Gardening, Learning A Foreign Language, Listening to music, Reading, Rescuing Abused Or Abandoned Animals, Weightlifting

I've spent many years working for start ups. I really enjoy the ability to work closely with multiple departments and having the chance to wear multiple hats. I'm looking for a place where I'm going to be able to continue growing while contributing to the company growth. I'm not afraid to try new things, I believe that's how you get better and find what you really want to do. I'm a giver and don't like feeling like I'm the weak link or letting my team carry me.
I've got 5 years of remote working experience, I currently live in a different state than my company is based and I'm still keeping my productivity and dependability at the highest level. I get a sense of purpose knowing I'm there to help people through tough times, whether it's a customer or a team member, I get satisfaction being able to share what I know to solve a problem.

Critical thinking, Problem-solving, Administrative, Communication, Microsoft Office, Customer Service, Microsoft Excel, Time Management, Microsoft Word, Communication, Customer Satisfaction, E-commerce, Google Groups, Helping Clients Succeed, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Time Management, Volunteer Management, Zendesk, Google
Customer Service
> 10 Years of experience
3 - 5 Years of experience

Account Manager (under Mobius Commerce)- October 2016- Current

  • Increased SEO and conversion rates for multiple clients by creating optimizing product listings
  • Monitored account health for clients, to significantly reduce reply times to support inquiries (on average by 50%) and creating pro-active content used to reach out to customers for feedback.
  • Gather and analyze data for use in reports for sales, advertising and inventory tracking
  • Nurture relationships with clients using frequent communication via phone, email and text, including proactive follow-up and project management
  • Collaborate with remote team members to increase productivity and encourage continued growth of startup

 Operations Manager- January 2015- October 2016

  • Manage daily operations, including direct supervision of customer service and shipping departments (6-9 employees)
  • Collaborate with the CEO to increase employees’ skills while integrating new tasks and maintaining current level of productivity
  • Increase employee morale using team building activities and regular one on one coaching sessions
  • Contribute to continued company growth by managing candidate tracking and on-boarding newly hired staff
  • Collaborating with other departments to innovate and document company wide processes
    Position converted to Account Manager with company restructure October 2016


Customer Success Manager- January 2013- January 2015

  • Manage daily operations of customer support department (3-6 employees)
  • Eliminated excessive hold time for chat and inbound calls
  • Resolve escalated customer service issues including troubleshooting account, website or other technical support issues, resolving customer complaints and inventory inquiries
  • Collaborate with the CEO to improve customer experience on all platforms including, phone, email chat and retail store interactions
  • Improve compliance of policies regarding attendance and department procedures
    Promoted to Operations Manager in January of 2015
- Self starter who works easily with minimal supervision.  My ability to work independently allowed me to move out of state and keep up with my duties with little interruption. 
-Committed and dependable.  I don't give up when things aren't going my way, I put my head down and work through.  I stayed with my current company for six years through good and bad because I believe that you don't let tough times win.  
- Currently working remotely and uses multiple collaboration apps to keep in contact with my team.
- Adaptable and comfortable in fast paced, fluctuating situations.  I've been all over the place while my company changed models from an eCommerce store to a consulting firm.  
- Empathetic and open minded.  Supporting my customers and my team are top priorities and I always try to put myself into someone else's mindset to help understand where they are coming from.
- Driven to get results.  I enjoy marking things off of my to do list and I put everything into my work because I don't like feeling that I'm not pulling my weight.
- Curious and eager to learn.  I like to see how things work from many angles.  I'm studying 2 languages in my spare time to keep my mind active and I'm looking to learn additional skills as well.